LockInfo 5 Brings New Features And iOS 6 Support


Every once in a while we see a jailbreak app that blows our mind away. When LockInfo was released few years back it fell in that category. The amazing thing is that the developer has just released an all-new version of the popular jailbreak tweak for iPhone’s lock screen called LockInfo 5, which takes things to the next level.

LockInfo 5 has been completely rewritten to support iOS 6. It also brings a tons of new features and improvements.

The first new feature is filters, which allows you to segregate the notifications. You have static filters and dynamic filters. The dynamic filters allows you filter notification based on the application. For example: Tapping on the mail icon, will show you notifications you’ve received for emails, tapping on the Messages icon, will show you notifications for messages and so on.

You have static filters for notifications and widgets, which allows you to switch between the notifications view and the widget view. The widget view displays the Notification center widgets and any third-party custom widgets for LockInfo 5. They custom widgets currently available are for your favorite contacts and Twitter.

LockInfo 5 also brings your RSS feeds to the Lockscreen. When you install LockInfo, it installs two apps/icons on your Home screen. One of them allows you to add RSS feeds so you can check them out in the Lockscreen.

You can configure a bunch of things from the Settings app such as:

  • Configure the widgets that you want to enable or disable
  • Manage how the screen dims while on the lock screen
  • Show or hide the charging batter on the lock screen when plugged in
  • Choose to show the Notifications, Widgets, or Nothing on the lock screen by default
  • Show or hide notification badges on the filter icons
  • Show or hide the widget filter icon
  • Enable or disable bypassing the passcode for notifications (more secure set to off)
  • Enable or disable status bar icon for Silent
  • Enable or disable status bar icon for notifications
  • Enable or disable data protection

Check out the video of the LockInfo 5, which highlights the new features:

The best thing is unlike IntelliScreenX 6, for which existing users have to pay $4.99, LockInfo 5 is available as a free upgrade for existing (LockInfo 4) users. It is available for $7.99 for new users after a 14-day free trial.

I haven’t been able to test it out yet as I’m having some issues with the modmyi repo, but can’t wait to check it out on my jailbroken iPhone 5 when evasi0n jailbreak is released.

Let us know what you think of LockInfo 5 in the comments below.

Via: ModMyi

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  • ducker

    I haven’t been able to find out if it’s optimized for iPhone 5. Any idea?
    Can’t wait for Evasi0n!

    • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

      Since nobody can test that yet it remains to be seen. The developer probably can’t even test it himself but I’m sure if it’s not yet optimised there will be an update soon after Evasi0n came out.

      • eAzyE

        Finally someone with patience. The developper already stated that not all plugins are working or migrated to iOS6.x and updates will be offered coming days. Also a Cydia fix for the weather app will be released…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1740590440 Abel Goddard

    Sounds awesome, and with a trial period to boot!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

    Aah when’s the JB finally coming, can’t wait! :D

  • P. Puk

    Completely terrible, absolutely only bullshit!! I want my old lockinfo back :(

    • Jim

      Could not agree more!

      • KaneW.

        I hate the new LI!!! Annoying as* notification bar is right behind my clock so I can’t even tell what fucking time it is. I want a refund!!

  • Jim

    Compared to LI4 this is awful. I hate it. I. Hope LI4 works wih iO6 because I will be dumping LI if it doesn’t.

    • Damian W

      Unlikely, I am really enjoying the new idea of Lockinfo. I would like to see few things back where they are supposed to be. But Lockinfo is till a great tweak.

  • JB Fan

    Ive upgraded to LI 5 (for free) on my 4S running the 5.1.1 JB. I dont like the new calendar. It does not show the entire month like LI 4 (yet). Hopefully this feature is available and I can figure it out or it will be included in an update. I also notice you cant delete notifications on the lockscreen if you have a calendar notification. Weather, Stocks, and RSS all seem ok for now.

  • http://twitter.com/najraH_squirrel najraH Squirrel 

    not working 6.1 4s

  • Lifelogger

    New version sucks! Old version is much better. I don’t want to have to switch by pressing buttons. Want it all in a list like before and just scroll through is.

    Lockinfo was the best the way it was!

  • foneguy2

    I figured out how to JB my iphone 5 but can’t figure out Lockinfo 5. Probably because I came from an iphone 4 with LI4 and never liked/used the lock screen on the 5 until now. I understand adding new features but keep the old look too. It may be there – I just can’t get it. I just want it to look like the screenshot in the article here. Is there a help file for LI5? Not to take away from your hard work – Good job guys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unlimitedsounds Dave Hauss

    LI5 is horrible… I am getting 2 clocks, etc.. Spacing is all over the place.. Im on IOS 6.1 on the 4S. I wish LI4 would work as that is what I want back. However, LI4 makes IOS 6.1 Crash. Please fix this so that we can have LI4 on IOS 6.1

  • D

    New version is BAD!!! I liked the interface of the previous version. This interface it tough to figure out.

  • Een Heldersen

    I want the old version back! Version 5 sucks.

  • chasem

    LockInfo 5 is a huge disappointment. The layout is annoying, the two home screen icons it adds are unnecessary (options can be found via settings app), and there’s no longer a way that I can find to collapse sections to keep a clean look, as with LI4 when all sections would be collapsed. As someone who is picky about a clean look, the cluttered lock screen look with LI5 and Intelliscreen won’t cut it.

    I’m very disappointed with LI5 and, like some others commented, hope that LI4 will be made compatible with iOS 6.1 or the old layout will be integrated into LI5 as an option within settings.

  • Rordy

    Oh dear what a shame, this new LockInfo is not a patch on the old version. It’s just Apple’s Notification centre but worse.
    It’s was the main reason I jailbreak… along with SBSettings, and its GONE!
    I didn’t upgrade to an iPhone 5 from a 4s waiting for this.
    Very very disappointed.

  • http://profiles.google.com/henrylohii Henry Loh II

    I agree with everyone here, Lockinfo 5 lockscreen is AWFUL. I want to be able to see my e-mails (notifications) and upcoming calendar appointments (widget) AT THE SAME TIME without manually switching. What happened to all my options too? I still have an iPhone 4 on ios 5 as a remote/kid’s media, and the lockscreen is so much better!

  • Josh

    I simply cannot believe how bad it is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an “update” strip an app of so many features.

  • Manuel

    I don’t like it. It is worse than LI4. LI4 is the best mod for iPhone, but it doesn’t work in IOS 6. I want my money back or version 4 running in IOS 6.

    I have been waiting a lot for jailbreak my iPhone and the main reason was I wanted to use LI. Now I am very disappointed.

    I am going to have a look to Intelliscreen.

  • Livia

    waste of money, the previous version was splendid, and this for me ‘perfectly useless,

  • Ben

    LockInfo5 takes away every bit of functionality I loved in LockInfo4. There is nothing in this new version I like. I can’t believe this can even be advertised as an upgrade. It is the biggest downgrade I have ever come across.

    This update has forced me to remove this app as I find it more annoying to have it installed. I hate iOS notifications, now as LockInfo5 integrates with this I can no longer use it.

    Bring back InfoShade, allow us the customise our lock screen. Yes there were loads of options and some people may have found it overwhelming. But isn’t that why we Jailbreak our phones in the first place. To be able to customise and not be ‘dumbed down’ by Apple.

    Sorry dev’s but this is a complete fail.

  • http://www.facebook.com/catherine.schwartz.65 Catherine Moyer Schwartz

    Lockinfo 5 suck big time!!!

  • Ralph

    Just need to chime in to vent my disappointment….. I mean the weather widget update even fails to update!! This thing is a piece of cr**!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ware.handoko Ware Handoko

    anyone knows how to install lockinfo 5 on JB ipad 3 ios 6.1 ? Many thanks

  • Lockinfo now sux

    What a piece of crap!! So god damn annoying I got rid of it. I want Lockinfo 4 for ios6.1.2…. PLEASE!!

  • Ya

    I can’t see wether and all the icons on the screen why!!!!!

  • Silly

    I already downloaded it, but it doesn’t show anything on my lock screen, can anyone help me?