Make Real-Time Web Edits With Stylizer [Deals Hub]


If you’re a designer or developer hunting for a CSS editor that gives you the results you want and will save a ton of time, then you need to have a look at Stylizer (normally $80 but going for $40 in this special offer). Stylizer allows you to edit your pages in real time and will literally save you hundreds of hours a year when creating your CSS.

Here’s Some Great Customer Feedback:

“Just get it. If you create web pages at any level, stop what you’re doing and get this application.” – Norm Clark

“Stylizer is a GREAT piece of software and it’s a GREAT price! Makes CSS Editing easy as pie… love it!” – Dennis Lauzi

“Very good tool to make productivity your friend :).” – Malik Baba Aïssa

Here’s What You Get With Stylizer:

Stylizer Is Part Web Browser; Part CSS Editor: To make it work, just enter the URL of any CSS based web page, then start editing. Alternateively, load an HTML page from your computer and edit that. You can use Stylizer with nine different browsers. On the Windows platform, this includes: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8, and Firefox 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 are supported. On the Mac, Safari is supported.

Bullseye: Use Bullseye to point to elements on yoru web page and make visual changes to the CSS rules that affect it, immediately in the style shueet. Bullsey is the most important part of the workflow.

Online CSS Editing; Editing is a snap. Just load the URL or HTML you want to edit and the style sheets are automatically extracted from the page, making it easy to edit the code.

Full Keyboard Control: If you like point and click GUIs, or hotkeys, Stylizer is packed with all the hotkey and keyboard control you need.

Powerful Color Selection Tools: Syylizer if designed to save you time. You can click on a color in your style sheet, change it, preview the change in real-time, ith two clicks of the mouse.

The bottom-line is simple. If you’re looking for a fast way of editing web pages and code or if you want to quickly make changes to templates, Stylizer offers you a fast and easy way of getting the job done. And at only $40 (50% off of the regular price), it’s a tool well worth having.

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