New iOS Concept Shows Off Faster App Switching



UI Designer, Sentry of the Auxo fame has just published a short video mockup of a new app switching concept.

Sentry explains:

The concept is to allow for instantaneous app switching, via a simple swipe up from the bottom (splitting the screen). Without lifting your finger/thumb, you swipe to one of your recently used apps, release, and jump into it in one swoop.

Currently, switching between apps using the app switcher or multitasking bar is not very efficient. You have to double-click the Home button to access the multitasking bar, swipe the multitasking bar to see more apps and then tap on the app you want to use it.

Zephyr makes it easier to access the app switcher using gestures, but it still doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way to switch between apps as you still need to swipe the multitasking bar to see more apps and then tap on an app to use it.

The ability to access the multitasking tray and selecting the app with a single gesture that has been shown in this concept is quiet clever, but I would prefer to see previews of the apps along with the name of the app rather than the app icon with a split screen preview when you hover over it.

Let me know what you think of this app switching concept in the comments.

Via: Dribbble

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