Photos of Purported iPad mini 2 Rear Shell Hint at Retina Display

ipad mini 2 rear shell 1A user on Chinese forum Weiphone has shared a few photos, which he claims are of the rear shell of the next-generation iPad mini.

The images show the rear shell with a rather odd bright blue Apple logo as opposed to the usual black seen on most iOS devices. MacRumors notes that this could either be an intermediate stage in the overall process to make the mirrored logo, or indicates that the next iPad mini may come in multiple colors like the 5th gen iPod touch.

Additionally, the shell appears to be thicker than the one found on the first-gen iPad mini, probably to accomodate the rumored 326 ppi Retina display which tends to take up more volume not only because of the screen components but also for a larger battery.

These photos are of course unconfirmed, but it’s worth noting that the same user who posted these images had earlier shared images of what he said was the initial machining process for the iPad mini rear shell.

ipad mini rear shell

What do you think about the possibility of a slightly thicker iPad mini that comes with Retina Display?

Via: Weiphone

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