Leaked Screenshots Reveal Samsung Also Working on a Smartwatch

samsung altius smartwatchAs rumors of an Apple smartwatch continue to surface, Samsung too appears to be making a product to address the very nascent smartwatch market. Screenshots of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Altius smartwatch were posted on a Korean forum, showing glimpses of the device’s OS and also revealing a few specs.

The screenshots measure 500 x 500 pixels, which could very well be the screen resolution of the watch, and has 235 MB of internal storage. Based on the images, the watch would feature apps for music, mail/messages, a clock and what appears to be a maps icon. These icons are laid out in the form of tiles in a horizontal grid. The device is connected to Korean carrier SKTelecom’s cellular network, and is also on a Wi-Fi network, as seen in the status bar.

It’s not clear if the watch is running Android or one of Samsung’s in-house OS, nor is it known if the device will be positioned as a standalone smartwatch or would rely on a smartphone for its “smartness.” Samsung’s Galaxy brand of smartphones have been pretty successful in the market, and the company could easily piggyback on the popularity of this brand to sell the Altius smartwatch.

While neither Apple nor Samsung have officially made any announcements about their smartwatch efforts, both companies are positioned to fight it out in this space, and it appears that Samsung will be the first one to release a product in the market.

Via: Slashgear, Ruliweb

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  • indifferent

    So I’m guessing Samsung has taken over this page with its ads being plastered all over the site???


      Thank God someone said something .. It’s really disturbing that on “iphonehacks” you get a Samsung ad .. I know you guys have to pay the bills .. But can’t it be a bit more subtle ?

      • LVSH

        I agree with you, this somewhat questions the integrity of the site.

  • http://twitter.com/iphoto2you iphoto

    Why do people care for adds!?
    I think that is racist

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002421847832 DiDi Wu

    They better patent the watch fast

    • Ashton

      Don’t worry I’m sure someone already has or Samsung wouldn’t be making it they only seem capable of making something someone else has already thought of.

      • Cubano100

        Sony already has its second gen. Smart watch that connects to most android phones, I had 1 and sold it within a week it sucked.