Samsung Announces its own Passbook Clone Called “Samsung Wallet”

samsung wallet keynote slideAt Mobile World Congress earlier today, Samsung unveiled its new Android app called Samsung Wallet, which basically is its copy of Apple’s Passbook app that was introduced in iOS 6

Samsung Wallet lets users store and manage event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards in a centralised place, much like Passbook and also delivers location based alerts, in case the user arrives at a place where the “pass” is to be used.

Samsung has a Wallet API in place for third-party developers to hook into the app, and provide users with real-time updates and alerts. Strangely, despite having a number of NFC enabled devices, Samsung chose to go with bar codes as the mode to integrate with stores and terminals, citing the additional infrastructure required to support NFC. Maybe this is why Apple’s taking its time in adding an NFC chip to the iPhone.

Samsung already has partners like Walgreens, Belly, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Expedia,,, and Lufthansa, who will be on board with the company’s Wallet platform once the app is publicly released. As of now it’s available as a preview to developers. Wallet would very likely be one of the key features to be demoed during Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S IV a few weeks later.

wallet apps icon comparison

(From L to R) Samsung Wallet, Passbook, Microsoft Wallet and Google Wallet icons

Wallet’s similarities to Passbook aren’t just restricted to functionality: the look of the app and the icon are clearly “inspired” by Passbook as well, as you can see in the video:

It’s worth noting that Apple’s Passbook UI wasn’t original either, but it’s still surprising that Samsung would choose to go with the same look as an Apple app, especially after being found guilty of the same thing in court a few months ago and told to pay a billion dollars for it.

Via: The Verge

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  • Venti

    What ?? Samsung copying apple .. Well I’ll be damned
    / sarcasm

  • Nosferatu

    well in it’s defense it does have NFC backing it up which I’m sure will bring more functionality

  • Afan

    OMG, they really don’t know limits…

  • Pacomacman

    They even ripped off the icon. This is just Samsung seeing how far they can push Apple. By the way Real Racing 3 is released in the UK App Store!

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks Pacomacman for the tip!

  • Byron Swift

    Everyone copies everyone…. Google already had passbook. It’s called Google Now….. I love how Iphonehacks claims Samsung came out with a “Passbook Clone”, while they have Samsung ads on every dang page…….

    • Matt Wilcox

      Google came out with the idea first anyways. So just cause this is a “iPhone” news site.. they need to make up stories to fuel the site…

      • kiet

        Where can I find the info you said that google made that app. This is called the apple effect: everyone (hater or lover) focuses on what apple makes for the world while what Samsung do for the world so far. You should thank for apple to make this app to be popular and you can realize how you can use it. LOL..

    • Eric

      exactly! and what’s with the UI having the same look as apple’s app? I dont see how those two apps look alike! you guys here at iphonehacks r now confirmed biased! running sammy ads while bashing them, shame!!!

  • Brad Hodson

    About Apple’s Passbook copying Lemon Wallet, I would say no. I use Lemon daily and would defend it, but the aesthetic is hardly unique if you just look inside your physical wallet. Look familiar? They both took the same design direction, and both have riffed it enough to make it their own, but I would by no means say Apple copied Lemon Wallet for Passbook.

  • razielpr

    why this page bites the hand that feeds them. always giving the news that make Samsung look evil. why not tell apple to post ads here tell them to pay your bills not Samsung.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Just because a company runs an ad on our site doesn’t mean we stop calling a spade a spade.

  • Horatiu

    Said is they didn’t clone Steve Jobs.