Springtomize 2 Updated With iOS 6.x Support


We continue to see new versions of the popular jailbreak apps updated with iOS 6.x support with the imminent launch of evasi0n jailbreak.

Filippo Bigarella, developer of Springtomize 2 has just announced the availability of the new version of his popular jailbreak app on Cydia with iOS 6 support.

Springtomize allows you to customize every aspect of the iOS. With Springtomize you can do things such as increase the number of apps in the dock to 10, give the dock a cool coverflow effect, change the duration of the system-wide animations, remove the page limits, customize the default animations, the lock screen, enable app switcher in landscape mode, hide icons of stock apps , resize icons and lots more.

In a blog post, Filippo reveals that Springtomize 2 has been rewritten from scratch for iOS 6 to improve the performance and also to give him the flexibility to add new features in the future. He says that the new features will be added in the next updates.

Here’s a list of new features and improvements:

  • you can now apply different effects to your wallpaper image! (Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, Faded Colors, Psycho, Red Ascendant, Green Ascendant, High Contrast)
  • many new effects for icon images! (Negative, Faded Colors, Psycho, Red Ascendant, Green Ascendant, High Contrast)
  • disable icons dimming when opening folders or showing the switcher
  • improved method to check whether an automatic backup has to be performed or not
  • faster loading

Springtomize 2 is available for $2.99 on Cydia. If you’ve already purchased Springtomize 2 then the new version is available as a free upgrade.

via: Filippo Bigarella’s blog

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  • PasserBy

    This is a great tweak. Lots of gems tucked away in this app such as carrier name change, mobile substrate management, hide iOS apps etc. A great way to minimise the use multiple tweaks which I find can slow down the device somewhat.

  • mmr

    nice to hear it’ll be a free upgrade. take note Intelliborn…

  • 88mph

    I just tried to use springtomize 2 (4s, 6.0.1) and it said that springtomize was not optimized for this device

  • yeehaw

    getting a not compatible warning with ios 6.1

  • amz

    Bought it but it crashes Spring everytime :(

  • Amca

    Not compatible with ios 6.

  • disqus_6KQp173eV1

    After installing sprintomize2 in ios6 all the application ICONS name appears to be black..please advice