Steve Wozniak: Apple is Losing Its Cool Factor, Wants an iWatch With Siri


Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak had some interesting things to say about the company in an interview with Bloomberg.

Few days back he said that he felt Apple has fallen somewhat behind in smartphones features, which has allowed competitors like Samsung to catch up.

He believes companies such as Amazon and Google “all have great ideas, but sometimes you need a critical mass of loyal users that will instantly buy and go this direction. Apple is really good at setting a standard with a new device. Apple still has its halo in that regard.” 

He also feels that Apple is losing its cool factor: “We used to have these ads, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC, and the Mac was always the cool guy. And ouch, it’s painful, because we kind of are losing that.”  

He suggests that Apple should look at opening up its ecosystem such as allowing Android and Windows Phone users to use iTunes on their device. He felt Apple is relying more on its appeal as a premium brand rather than coming out with killer features.

He expects Windows Phone software to gain critical mass as Microsoft is present in more markets than Apple. He also expects BlackBerry to switch to Android. BlackBerry recently launched BlackBerry 10, its gesture drived mobile operating system. He notes that the company has “a good reputation as a hardware builder.”

During the interview, Wozniak also said that he would welcome an iWatch, and hopes it comes with an improved version of Siri. He revealed that he has been using iPod nano as his wrist watch for the last few years. And in case you’re wondering, he is currently using a black and a white iPhone 5.

It’s always great to hear from Woz. Even though iPhone 5 may be the world’s best-selling smartphone, he raises some valid concerns about the company’s future.  It will be interesting to see if Apple re-imagines the iOS with iOS 7 as it is certainly looking dated and if it will launch a completely redesigned and bigger iPhone this year.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • Mystic

    I agree iOS is becoming really outdated, recently I compared iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S and iOS 3 on an old iPhone 3G. Needless to say, other than performance, there really wasn’t much of a change. Well, maybe minor tweaks and a few menu shuffles here and there. In short, jailbreak is the iOS savior. Apple should up their game on iOS 7. Not complaining about the hardware though.

    • BlkHwk

      Very true. And at this point it’s why I’m looking to abandon iOS because it just doesn’t seem like Apple will stop being nazis about iOS. Jail breaking gets old after a while too, just to be able to do things that iOS should already do by now without jailbreak.

  • Junhao Chen

    Steve Wozniak is no Steve Jobs… His views are based on his experience when Mac was the minority. Windows phone to gain critical mass is really rubbish when their apps r inferior to both apple n android.

    iOS 6 was apple’s mistake which led to samsung catching up to apple. And we have Scott Forstall arrogrance to blame for iOS 6 lack of innovative features & the premature release of apple maps. Iphone 5 has impressive hardware, which means they still have the magic somewhere in Apple, but iOS 7 must have innovation & killer features, else Apple will become another Nokia.

  • loganexplosion

    Who cares what this dude thinks?? THERE! I said it..
    How is this any better than “analysts” speculation? Yeah, we ALL wanna see something amazing from apple. We ALL wanna be blown away by iOS7.
    “..he is currently using a black and a white iPhone 5.” So he has two iphones?? Why?? Are either of them jailbroken? What does he think about jailbreaking? These are the questions and answers i wanna see in an article about the WOZ on iphonehacks…

  • Macsavy

    Waz eats at outback steakhouse. What does he know about cool? He probably read that on a blog and just because he tweets it, Blogs go gaga. I have an iphone 5 & a nexus 4. The iphone is way better and android app suck the big one.

    • shinydesert

      I have an iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, the Apple Store seems to be slower than the one from Google. I like the way you can find apps on Play Store.

      The iPhone is a good devices but mannn….features such as a freaking download manager or a simple/basic file browser/explorer is another pain, then the apps don’t talk to each other so you have to get another app just for that.
      What is the point of Safari? if you can download anything with it unless you jailbreak and start paying or downloading basic “tweaks” that Microsoft Mobile had 7 years ago.

      As much as I like the iPhone but it gets sort of boring. I think it could motivate people more if we could have just the basic features that any computer or smartphone have nowadays.

      • Macsavy

        Valid point it depends on what you want in a device. Judging by the fact that we read these blogs we are both tech savy so the featurs you mention that pc, android, and even eArly windows phones have, are apealing to us. To a huge majority of people tho, they complicat things & make the device a pain to use. I love that i can download torrents on my nexus because im already a torrent master. I dont think most people are and thats kind of the point of ios. It makes powerful features that anyone can use. Thats not to say that ios doesent need improvement. It does ios 6 was ios 5 with shit maps lol. My argument is the iphone 5 provides a well thought thru phone experience. It excells at all the staple featurs a good smartphone needs to have and the apps are the beat quality available on a mobile platform. Im a developer, and i develop for both platforms. People keep saying android is better for deva because you can do whatever you want. This in one respect is true. In other respects its a mess to develop for costs me more money brings in less money. And google makes it very difficult to make good interfaces. It makes me want to go work at google and fix the mess if an sdk that that they have put together

  • Tom

    As much as I would like to reply to emails/SMS through Siri via an iWatch, I hope it won’t be at the cost of making it water proof or water resistant. I want to be able to wash my hands without having to worry about my watch getting wet. If they include a mic and speaker, hopefully they’ll partner with Liquipel to offer some waterproofing capability.

  • Rounak Jain

    While Woz makes some absurd requests about iTunes on WP and Android, I sort of agree with him on the “cool” factor. iOS 6 feels VERY stale. (Very happy with iPhone 5 hardware though)

  • samsung


  • James

    You all are mad because he is right Apple is losing some of it’s cool points… the iOS has been looking the same since it launched with the first iPhone… also when was the last time Apple made a commercial with the iPhone doing something new that’s cool and interesting ??? Face it Samsung Galaxy has been coming out with new phone tweaks for the last couple of years and Android is more friendly user that allows users to do more with there phone then Apple strict asses

    • Ugochukwu Moses Okafor

      Samsung s hardware is crap… HTC battery life is crap… But htc over any thing!

  • Brian Charles

    “Apple is relying more on its appeal as a premium brand rather than coming out with killer features.” Sums it up

  • dbDESIGN

    I think the exact period when apple lost it’s cool factor was when everyone was expecting a brand new iphone, but instead they pulled out iPhone4s. I believe THAT was actually the turning point into where things began to seem less impressive and stale. Losing Mr. Jobs as the frontman was also a big loss, because he WAS innovation. Apple needs to act quickly within the next year or two to really pull away from major companies like Samsung and others, who are going to overwhelm the market with great new technology. I do not believe that iWatch is the solution. I’m just going to say this… if you wear or want an iWatch, you need to grow up because who wants a cellphone bracelet, tracking device strapped to their wrist? I believe that apple needs to take a few steps in the direction of trying to “wow” their long-time fan base and dedicated users, as opposed to trying to capture new customers. Just my opinion. That “wow” factor is slowly fading on this company, if they aren’t releasing a new product no one cares about Apple anymore. TV commercials became stale and more “here is a hand, here is iphone, this is siri- iphone5″ that’s not innovative! C’mon apple get back in the goddamn game.

    -Rant over.