The Mac Essentials Bundle: 9 Elite Mac Apps Worth $310 For Only $49 [Deals Hub]


If you’ve been looking for a way to add increase the performance of your Mac you need to look at The Mac Essentials Bundle.

The Mac bundle contains: TechTool Pro 6, Path Finder 6, TextExpander 4, MacHider, Dropzone 2, CameraBag 2, MacPilot 5, IPNetMonitorX, and AirServer.

You get this deal for only $49, a savings of over $260. Here’s what these programs will do for you:

  • TechTool Pro 6: Allows you to perform one-click diagnostics that scan your CPU, memory, and hardware to identify problems and help prevent costly repairs. It tests and rebuilds directories on damaged drives and recovers lost data. Value: $100.00
  • Path Finder 6:Access & manage all files at any time It will let you find specific information, quickly and can be customized to operate with different workflows. Value: 40.00
  • TextExpander 4: Allows you to save time and effort as you type. It automatically fixes typos you make most often. In addition,you can create keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow and avoid typing the same thing over and over. Value: $35.00
  • MacHider: Allows you to protect confidential information, protect folders and files with a single click and organize all your files for quick and easy access. Value: $10.00.
  • Dropzone 2: Quickly launch applications, open files and upload content. Use Amazon S3, create a cloud sharing solution and share screenshots with anyone. Value: $10.00
  • CameraBag 2: A powerful app for editing your pictures, with 100+ adjustable filers and 25+ professional controls. Value: $20.00.
  • MacPilot 5: Improve your Mac’s performance with simple maintenance, unlock hidden features in Mac OS X to increase its power. Over 1,000 great features. Value: $20.00
  • IPNetMonitorX: A troubleshooting toolkit for your Mac. Comes with 23 intuitive features to detect and solve problems. Has a clean user interface with essential OS X knowledge.
  • AirServer: Stream content from your iOS devices to your Mac via AirPlay. This program is enhanced for iOS 6 which allows you to stream content at 1080p HD. Value: $15.00

Want more information about the apps in this bundle? Watch our video!

If you were to buy all of these apps separately, the cost would be $310. If you’ve been wanting to improve the performance of your Mac, now is the time to head over to the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub because you’ve only got a limited amount of time and when this deal is gone, it’s gone.

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