Tim Cook Was Opposed To Suing Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

In the last three years or so, Apple has launched a patent war with manufacturers of Android based smartphones such as Samsung for copying its products.

Steve Jobs had explained to his authorized biographer, Walter Isaacson, that this aggression against Android-based smartphone manufacturers was meant to communicate a message:

“Google, you f–king ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off. Grand theft.” Jobs swore he would “spend my last dying breath” and “every penny” in Apple’s coffers “to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this.”

Interestingly, a new report from Reuters reveals that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung due to the company’s critical role as a supplier of components for the iPhone and iPad.

Tim Cook, Jobs’ successor as Apple chief executive, was opposed to suing Samsung in the first place, according to people with knowledge of the matter, largely because of that company’s critical role as a supplier of components for the iPhone and the iPad. Apple bought some $8 billion worth of parts from Samsung last year, analysts estimate. [..]

[..] But Jobs had run out of patience, suspecting that Samsung was counting on the supplier relationship to shield it from retribution.

Apple filed suit in April 2011, and the conflagration soon spread to courts in Europe, Asia and Australia. When Apple won its blockbuster billion-dollar jury verdict against Samsung last August, it appeared that it might be able to achieve an outright ban on the offending products – which would have dramatically altered the smartphone competition.

There have been also been speculations that Apple may abandon its “thermonuclear war” against Android under Tim Cook. But there hasn’t been any sign of that happening so far. Apple continues to pursue the patent cases against Samsung around the world to get their products banned. It is also reducing its reliance on the Korean company.

The settlement talks over the patent disputes with Google have also not yielded any results. The fact that Apple has settled the patent lawsuits with HTC indicates that Samsung also has to be willing to reach a settlement.

Via: Reuters

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