Top Tweaks To Enhance Safari On Your Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

As we’ve pointed out earlier, there are a number of reasons to jailbreak your iOS device.

One of the reasons, I forgot to mention is it allows you to install tweaks that enhance mobile Safari by adding some much needed functionality.

Here are some must-have jailbreak tweaks for mobile Safari that are compatible with iOS 6.1:

FullScreen Safari ($2.19)

FullScreen Safari transforms mobile Safari into a touch-friendly browser, which means that you can use it in fullscreen mode, you don’t need to waste precious screen real estate for buttons.

It also allows you to use Safari with gestures such swipe (one finger) left or right to navigate to previous or next page, swipe (one finger) left or right and hold to navigate to the next or previous tab, pull down to refresh the page, pull from bottom to access Bookmarks, double tap with one finger to toggle to fullscreen mode, one finger tap and short hold to bring up the action popup, two fingers swipe up to scroll to the top of the web page etc.


Check out the brief demo of the app in action below:

Check out this post for more details.

FullScreen for iPad is available for $1.29.

Safari Download Manager ($5)

When we talk about a web browser, the ability to download any file is a given, but that’s not the case with mobile Safari.

Safari Download Manager gets rid of this limitation by allowing you to download any type of file from the web. It also adds a download icon in the Safari toolbar at the bottom, which allows you to manage the downloads, just like a desktop browser. To open the downloaded files, you will still have to rely on a file manager like iFile.


It’s also compatible with iPad.

Pull To Refresh Safari (Free)

Apple added the pull to refresh feature in the Mail app, but it is still not available in Safari, where I find it more useful.

Jailbreak tweak Pull to Refresh Safari brings this functionality to Safari. FullScreen for Safari also comes with this feature.

It’s also compatible with iPad.

Safari Unibar (Free):

Do you accidentally enter search keywords in the address bar instead of the search bar in Mobile Safari?

You’re not alone. I tend to do it occasionally, probably because I’m so used to the OmniBar in the desktop version of Chrome. Thankfully jailbreak tweak called Safari UniBar comes to the rescue, it brings the Omnibar to Mobile Safari.

Note: I noticed that refresh button in the OminBar doesn’t work.


Check out this link for more details.

It doesn’t work very well with the iPad.

Tab+ (Free):

Mobile Safari currently allows you to open only 8 tabs on the iPhone and iPod touch. Tab+ removes this limitation and allows you to open more than 8 tabs.

Not relevant for the iPad as you can open 24 tabs, which is more than enough.

That’s it. As you can see, these jailbreak tweaks add some much need functionality to mobile Safari.