Twitter for iOS Updated With Improved Search and Discovery

twitter-ios-app-updateIn a post on its official blog, Twitter has announced an update to its iOS app, that changes the way how search results are presented in the app, making it more in line with the web interface. The update also features tweaked “Discover” and “Connect” tabs.

Here’s a full list of what has changed:

  • Discover: Now all the content in Discover — Tweets, Activity, Trends and suggestions of accounts to follow — appears in a single stream, on both iPhone and Android. You can also dive into Activity and Trends from new previews at the top of the Discover tab.
  • Search: Search results now surface the most relevant mix of Tweets, photos, and accounts, all in one stream (similar to the stream in Discover). We’ve also added a new search button to Twitter for iPhone, letting you search from anywhere within the app. (This button was already available in the Android and iPad apps.) Look for the magnifying glass icon next to the button you use to compose a Tweet.
  • Connect: To provide a simpler experience in the Connect tab, the default view is now Interactions, which shows you new followers, retweets and mentions. If you prefer to view only your mentions in Connect, you can adjust the default in settings – find the “Connect tab” option and select “Mentions only”.
  • Links: Click a URL in a Tweet to go directly to that website from any timeline and get to content highlighted on Twitter faster. (Previously, when you tapped any part of a Tweet, it would first expand and then a second click was required to get to the website.)

The update also improves performance on older iOS devices and offers better right-to-left language support for Arabic and Hebrew.

You can download the new version of Twitter for iOS by visiting this link or simply heading to the App Store app’s Update tab.

Via: Twitter Blog

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  • edumobile

    It is great to see the changes. It was kind of overdue based on traffic which goes to twitter through iOS and iOS Applications. I will check it out and comment.

  • FaaipDeOiad

    All my update does now is crash right after I open the app. Anyone else?

    • Rounak Jain

      Another minor update has been pushed out that should solve your problem

      • FaaipDeOiad

        No luck unfortunately. Still crashing. Could it be due to by Jailbreak?

        • Rounak Jain

          Tried complete uninstall?