TypeStatus Adds “Now Typing” Indicator For iMessage to Status Bar

Would you like to know when someone is typing an iMessage anywhere in iOS without opening the Messages app?

A new jailbreak tweak called TypeStatus allows you to do just that. 

Just the way you get a chat bubble “…” when someone is sending or replying to your iMessage, the tweak adds a chat bubble like indicator to the Status bar so you know when someone typing an iMessage anywhere in the iOS without the need to open the Messages app. It’s like the “now typing” indicator for the iMessage app.


You will be able to see the status in any app, on the Home screen and also on the Lock screen.

It doesn’t add any options to configure the tweak in the Settings app. Install the tweak to enable the feature, and uninstall it if you want to disable it.

The tweak has been developed by HASHBANG Productions, developers of other popular jailbreak tweaks such as MapsOpener, FlagPaint, Deck, Aero etc.

TypeStatus is available for free on Cydia and is compatible with all iOS devices running on iOS 5, iOS 6 or later. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device, then click on the download link below to install the tweak from Cydia.

Download link

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  • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

    This somehow makes me concerned about battery life, will have to try it out

  • Zathrak

    What repository? Bigboss doesn’t seem to have it? 0.o

  • sauvaget

    dans cydia il n’ya pas typestatus?
    lequel source?

  • Rob

    Doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m on 6.1 iPhone 5. Wonder bc if its bc of Bitesms, a theme or something. I’ve seen the icon ONE time and I’ve had it installed for about 3 days. And yes, I text a lot using iMessage.

  • Jorlon

    @Rob what repository did you get it from?

    • Rob

      BigBoss. Seems to work super sporadically. Wonder if length of message has anything to do with it as well. I don’t know. Cool tweak if it would’ve worked for me.

  • kam

    what repository????

  • http://twitter.com/db_DESIGN dbDESIGN

    Didn’t work, deleted it already.

  • moodi

    It’s not working for me !!!!

    not on iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s..

    wonder why ???