Who Else Wants Great iPhotography Results With The iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack? [Deals Hub]


It’s time to take iPhotography to the next level with The iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack which gives you three options for creating high quality photographs. Normally priced at $54 you can get this kit for only $25, saving you $29. That’s less than half-price!

The 0.67x Wide Lens is perfect for capturing landscapes, sporting events, or anything else that requires a little more lens.

The Macro Lens allows you to get in nice and tight for a highly detailed close-up.

The 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens is a great choice for a more artistic effect.

PLEASE NOTE: Only available to customers in the United States and Canada [FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED]! The iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack will not arrive at your door until April 5th, 2013.

Don’t like silver? Check out the BLACK or RED iOS Camera Packs!

Top Features

  • 3 Lens options: 0.67x Wide Lens, Macro Lens, and 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens.
  • Developed from light weight material that won’t weigh down your device.
  • A tech-friendly magnet makes for quick removal that won’t change the cosmetic look of your phone.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5 and all iPads.

Want to get great results from your iPhotography? Your time has come! With The iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack gives you three options to create stunning and compelling photographs. And at only $25 it’s an awesome deal. You had better grab it if you want yours because this offer won’t last long.

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