Saurik Explains Why Cydia Repos Went Down Today Despite Prior Preparations

cydia-saurikA few days ago, we had noted that repo owners are taking efforts to ensure that their repos don’t cripple under the heavy onslaught of traffic that comes after a jailbreak is released. Evidently, those efforts don’t seem to be working with most jailbreakers complaining that they can’t install apps and tweaks from Cydia, and neither can they login to their accounts to retrieve and purchase new apps.

On Twitter, Jay Freeman aka saurik, the creator of Cydia notes that the traffic pattern to Cydia after the evasi0n jailbreak was different from earlier jailbreaks. Typically traffic “follows a wave of discovery,” that is it increases gradually, but in this case most jailbreakers already knew when exactly the jailbreak was going to be released, leading to a massive, greater than expected, spike in traffic, which overloaded repository and Cydia servers.

Previously, 0ptima who maintains the popular Big Boss repo, explained that while repo servers have the ability to replicate themselves on multiple machines, the unpredictable traffic renders the self-replication useless (not exactly useless, but it can’t serve all users).

Saurik has resolved issues with his Cydia Telesphoreo repo by using a CDN, so you should be able to download apps and tweaks from his repo. His payment system, as well as most other repos are still having issues though.

Tell us if downloading apps and tweaks off saurik’s Cydia Telesphoreo works for you. If not, it might be a DNS caching issue, so you could try setting your DNS to Google’s and servers from Settings > Wi-Fi > Triangle next to your network name > Manual.

Update: Saurik has posted a graph showing a spike in traffic on Cydia’s servers.


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  • Oste Erik

    Here 4 hours after the release i have still not been able to download anything from Cydia :-( I tried at least every 10th minute with no luck. Cydia sucks

    • Steve Kennard

      cydia does not suck, but i bet the server charges do!!

    • PasserBy

      It’s almost as though this article never existed on this same page

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        I swear… We’ve waited months, we can wait a couple of days for traffic to die down. Many will stop using the bandwidth once they realize Install0us is gone and no more free apps.

        • RandomGamer342

          There’s nothing stopping iFile and terminal from working…

          • Chris

            yeah well i can’t even get ifile to work or else i’d try to just download the deb. I just want it to work in enough time to get lockinfo 5 since it’s supposedly on sale for just 2 days.

    • matt

      cydia does not suck, why even jb if cydia suck???

  • untzuntz

    Just got the evasi0n update from cydia. thats the only thing i was able to grab. started downloading a couple of files for sbsettings but it took a dump mid-way.

    • Jimothy

      Likewise. I’m sure it’ll get better later tonight, early tomorrow.

      • JB Fan

        Ditto here as well. No luck on the iPhone or iPad. Cydia still being over-worked. Maybe in a few hours things will let up a bit.

        • Jimbojonese

          U can still get on your computer and ssh

          • JB Fan

            I tried that but was unsuccessful. Im probably doing something wrong though.

  • bubi

    its and, not

    • Rounak Jain

      Thanks, updated.

  • Kimk69

    Would everybody get the hell off Cydia so I can get my tweaks. Lol.

  • surfin4hot

    bet they didnt expect the traffic jam from the prisoners of OS 6

  • Brian

    Just tried Cydia telesphoreo and got an Internal Server Error

  • solferico

    This is still crashing. Just got an HTTP 500 trying to get sbsettings, just after “libhide” … done the google DNS thing, but still the same!

  • Chris Shaw

    I was able to get in – sort of – after I switched to Wifi from 3g where I had been trying for 4 hours. I think perhaps the DNS change when I picked up Wifi did it. After I logged in via Google though I was put back at the static gray screen with lines and no content…

  • dbDESIGN

    I’ve been trying about every 5 minutes since 12:15 — sh*t, I forget my goddamn Cydia login, it’s been too long. (f*ck)

  • matt

    cant even get some fonts. logjam!

  • Tymills

    Still can’t download a single thing

    • Rounak Jain

      from saurik’s repo? Tried changing DNS to Google’s?

  • David Bell

    Looks like it may be even a longer wait trying to log into your Cydia account to get your apps back… I keep logging in then nothing but a blank screen … how come no one has come up with a way to backup Cydia apps on your MacBook ??

  • Dealio63

    Give them the credit they deserve! they are working hard and I thank them. able to get a few things done. keep up the good work.. and all those who have been waiting…………donate……..

  • David Bell

    ” so you could try setting your DNS to Google’s and servers from Settings > Wi-Fi > Triangle next to your network name > Manual. ”

    I’m guessing that’s the DHCP settings to Manual ?? and the ?
    Server –
    Port –

  • David Bell

    Loading, Loading, Loading…keeps those apps aloading !!! Rawhide….you have to just relax and have fun with it while waiting….

  • David Bell

    I usually wake up several times during the night…. guess the iPhone will be within reach tonight and every chance I get …I’ll try to access my account

  • Tymills

    Awesome jailbreak. So far all I’ve gotten out of it is a Cydia logo.

  • David Bell

    an hour later…finally able to log into my Cydia account but no apps loading up on the screen…hopefully if I can keep it logged in….and the apps will load sometime tonight or by morning

  • Eman

    Hash dum mismatch is what I get when I try to download winterbpard. What does that mean

  • Eman

    Hash sum*

  • Jim

    U can get apps on your MacBook. I do on my PC all day

  • David Bell

    in the time we will spend waiting for our Cydia apps someone could create an app to back them up on a MacBook !!!

  • Andrew

    I’m just glad that I’m finally jail broken on my iPhone 5. I guess I can wait till tomorrow to get my tweaks cuz it’s def not happening tonight.

  • David Bell

    3 hours or more down… was logged in then kicked off again…. almost had 1 of 12 Cydia apps finally installed but now waiting to log in all over again

    • JB Fan

      Same issue here. Still a no go on Cydia. What happens if I never backed up any of my Cydia apps/tweaks? Will they be under Manage Account or will I have to track them down individually? I have only been able to update evasi0n 6.X Unthether so far.

  • Manny

    What does hash sum mismatch mean when downloading winterbpard?

  • you_fook

    The only repo that has given me problems all day is BigBoss…….someone should tell @BigBoss about this….

  • David Bell

    Logged in trying to download the first of many apps but so far “Internal Server Error” or “Unreachable” error messages keep coming up only

  • believer

    your highness….the Cydia server collapsed again ??

  • believer


  • Disgruntled

    Yes, it’s free, yes, we shouldn’t whine… BUT it was trumpeted that Cydia is ready and can cope, and now this article claims the problem was resolved quickly yet here we are.. 12 hours later with the same hideous blockage and failure to work.

  • Mohammed Omar

    Dear Sir , thank you for your efforts , but there is one problem is that everything I try to install using cydia , I get a message saying error !!! , so I deleted cydia and restored my ipod , now my weather app is not working, so what to do ?

  • Graham Brockie

    both my ipad2 and iphone are constantly in safe mode…… tried a restore and rejb, but still the same…….. I am going to go android, this sucks

  • Graham Brockie

    tried cydia, go a couple of tweeks, and they dont work. got a couple of themes, they dont work either, why pay for this stuff if its not compatible with ios6 ………

  • Michael Rebar

    Anyone having trouble downloading purchased themes from Cydia? I own two and can’t get them to download. I am sure today IntelliScreen can be purchased for update. So far on the iPad mini, it is nice to finally be able to secure it the way the iPhone is as a JB device. This weekend I will do the phone; till then 5.1.1 is good to go! Nice job everyone. Plan to keep supporting the work.

  • Shrivatsa Somany

    I think this is a PROPER jailbreak (in the true sense of the word) HAHA. great stuff guys!

  • dany

    why i cant install the new cydia