Rumor: Apple to launch a game controller soon [Update: Nope]


PocketGamer reports that Apple is planning to launch its own game controller soon.

PocketGamer claims that Apple was at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) under a pseudonym company name courting developers to ensure that a large number of games support the game controller when it is launched.

The report claims that according to their sources Apple could launch the game controller as early as next month along with the rumored launch of the next generation iPad and iPad mini.

PocketGamer speculates:

It would be logical for it to hit retail alongside a new iPad, but given the opportunities a dedicated controller would provide in the living room, we’d expect it to be part of a large announcement also revealing Apple’s wide TV strategy, including a direct assault on the console businesses of Sony and Microsoft.

While most games work quite well with touch, there are some games that would be more suitable with physical buttons that are available on game controllers.

So third-party game controllers such as iControlPad,  Ion Audio’s iCade game controllers, Think Geek’s iCade 8-bitty controller etc or accessories such as Fling have been quite popular with iOS device users.

PocketGamer does not know if Apple’s game controller will take a conventional approach or employ a radical new design.

Will you buy an Apple branded game controller? Let me know in the comments.


Jim Dalrymple of The Loop who as an impeccable track record when it comes to Apple related product rumors  and famous for his one-word responses has categorically refuted with his typical “Nope.”

Via: PocketGamer

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  • Unvaluablespace

    I smell hoax. First of all why would apple bother going under a different name? There brand name Alone will flock developers to add controller support. Plus, they wouldn’t need to as they have the connections to just directly contact there “iOS developer” powerhouses to add support, then just add controller compatibility into there sdk once they announce it, similar to how they add new iOS features in the first place.

    As for buying one? Probably not unless it has some nifty cool feature. Currently my Icontrolpad works just fine :)

  • WilliamRayner2

    Sounds unlikely, but I’d love to see them do it. I’ve downloaded countless console-style games on my iPad and iPhone only to be let down by the sh*tty on screen controls a lot of these games have, there’s no physical feedback like you would get on a console controller and so it’s really difficult to control these games.

    While there have been a lot of third party controllers released for iOS devices, a lot of them have failed because of lack of apps supporting them. If Apple made it’s own controller then I’m sure they’d create APIs within their iOS SDK so that developers could easily develop games that make use of this controller.

  • M. Hoskins

    I would be interested in such a controller, except that coming from Apple it will most likely cost 40% more than it should. Apple accessories are real budget killers.

  • Mo

    I guess he was wrong. It’s already out.