Apple Urges Judge to Dismiss App Monopoly Lawsuit

App Store

Apple has asked U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers to dismiss a consumer lawsuit earlier today, which claims that the company has a monopoly over iOS apps, according to a report on Bloomberg.

The plaintiffs claim that Apple has a monopoly as it doesn’t allow users to buy apps from an ‘aftermarket’ of apps. Apple’s lawyers argued that there was nothing illegal about a closed system.

Apple doesn’t set the price for paid applications, and charging a price for distribution of a product on a new and unique platform doesn’t violate any antitrust laws, said Dan Wall, Apple’s attorney, at yesterday’s court hearing in Oakland, California.

“There’s nothing illegal about creating a system that is closed in a sense,” Wall told U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. 

The lawyer representing seven consumers insisted that if there was no other place to buy apps then Apple is a monopolist. Judge Rogers didn’t rule on the matter and hasn’t given any date for the ruling yet.

The report notes that Apple also faces another lawsuit for maintaining a “music-downloading” monopoly.

It’s quite a frivolous lawsuit and I’m surprised that it didn’t get dismissed. Do I want another App Store from where I can buy apps? Sure, but I can’t see how monopoly could be applied to something like the App Store.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • Alan

    Tell those guys to jailbreak their iPhones and install the jailbreak apps from Cydia, Apple can later thank the hackers for getting them out of this mess.

    • Lewis Anderson

      thats just it apple doesnt want you to be jailbreaking. How I look at it in my opinion is the old coal stores that you had to shop at yea there were other jobs But you cant force someone to just buy your product it is a monopoly it is the whole reason microsoft got split up.

      • Alex

        Microsoft got split up?

        • JCT

          no they did not, dont know what that guy went with but he pointed out thats the reason microsoft but a huge chunk of apple so they would not be a monopoly

  • JimJamUrFace

    This is frivolous, but just to go along with it, one main issue is that you do not have to buy an Apple product. When you choose to buy an Apple product you choose their ecosystem. You could choose one of many platforms with many different app stores.

    • JCT

      WOW perfect thing for the judge to say you choose that and the choosing dose not make it a monopoly done.

  • Michael Carter

    This was more valid a few years ago when Google phones were not really competition for iPhones. However having a monopoly is less about the lack of choose and more about active prevention of competition. The app store has competition on the iPhone cydia. I could see the argument made that by taking extreme measures to prevent customers from using this second store front, apple is preventing competition in the market place and so has a monopoly.

  • kepler

    I don’t think this is a monopoly at all, I just think people are bored at home and try to sue for every stupid thing. Lazy people are always the creative ones, they love avoiding work

  • Tim

    A music monopoly? Last time I checked I can take ANY mp3 or cd i own and drag it into itunes then onto my phone… Anyone else having troubles doing this?