CoffeeCup: Clever and flexible web editing at its finest [Deals Hub]

iPH - CoffeeCup

Want to get one of the best web design tools for your Mac…and a little something extra on the side? Then today’s iPhone Hacks Deals special has got you covered.

Whether you are a web design rookie or seasoned veteran, CoffeeCup is equipped with a variety of helpers, tools, and slick tricks to guide you every step of the way. Once you really get into Web Editor’s flexible workspace, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever got by without it.

This is the perfect package to allow anyone to create a professional quality website and it can be yours for 81% off the regular price – just $29!

The top features of CoffeeCup include:

  • Start Coding in Seconds: It only takes a moment to get your workspace set up. With so many ways to start a new project, the option you need is a click or two away. Start with a clean slate using the Quick File option, or get a head start by opening a new project from a template or files that are already on your computer.
  • Manage Web Projects Easily: Searching for a sweet editor for OS X that keeps your projects organized? Look no further. Files can be anywhere on your system and still be part of several projects at once. Web Editor keeps them organized without making you clone them or move them around.
  • Slick Editing Tricks: Ever taken the HTML-CSS-Preview round trip? Click an element in the preview pane and jump to the corresponding code highlighted below. You’ve probably used tools like Firebug or WebKit’s inspector; now you have all that power right in your own workspace. Just edit and save!
  • Auto-Suggested Content: Your HTML files know which CSS files are part of the family. This means that Web Editor smartly displays CSS rule suggestions when you’re adding them to your code—and which HTML elements to suggest in your CSS files.
  • Clever Code Completion: In computer code, a simple typo can be the difference between working and ba-roken. Code completion keeps your syntax in the clear. It suggests a list of elements as you type, so you know your spelling is correct (and that you’re picking something that really exists!)
  • Ultimate Personalization: Web Editor gives you the greatest workspace flexibility you’ve ever seen. Split-screen, full-screen, side-by-side, preview in, preview out, 2 monitors—all with the click of a button. Just set up your workspace the way that’s most comfortable for you.
  • Add Your Own Features: The Web Editor UI is intentionally clutter-free, but you can still add features that you just can’t live without. Include just about any tool that can be dreamed up using the flexible plugin system.
  • Edit Directly on the Server: Upload to S-Drive (our unique web host) or your own server straight from the Web Editor. Instead of some cryptic maze of files and folders, the S-Drive Dashboard displays all your website files in an interface that’s easy to grasp.

You’ll also get these 5 responsive themes with this iPhone Hacks offer: Designerstuff, Domino, Ecologic, Effekt, and PaperMag. These stylish, responsive editor themes usually cost $18 each – and we’re throwing them in this deal to add even more value to this offer! (Want to see what each of these themes look like? Head over to the Deals page and check out how great they look!)

So what are you waiting for? Pick up this iPhone Hacks Deals offer for only $29 while you can…which won’t be for long!

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