Ending Soon! Keep your iTunes under control with TuneUp [Deals Hub]

iPH - TuneUp

We all know that iTunes can become a real mess. Once you start to add downloadable content, CD importing and the like, it can be an app you want to steer clear of whenever you can. That said, it’s a pretty smart program in that it can “occasionally” know what Track 1 is based on the album it comes from…but what if you’re importing a mixed CD? What about album cover art? That doesn’t always register. What if iTunes could have a little extra magic added to it?

Enter TuneUp – an application that “transforms your music collection…automagically™”.

Cleaning up your iTunes Library has never been more robust and easy-to-use. TuneUp hooks up with iTunes to organize and categorize your music from top to bottom. And for a very limited time, iPhone Hacks Deals has it lined up for you…and for just $30!

Here are the top features of TuneUp:

  • Clean: Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information (like “Track 01” or “Unknown Artist”) using cutting-edge waveform recognition.
  • Cover Art: Scans your entire music collection in seconds and automagically™ fills in missing album artwork.
  • DeDuper: Intelligently finds and removes duplicate music files from your music library using waveform recognition.
  • Tuniverse: Delivers music videos, artist bios, concert alerts, social network integration and more.
  • Lyrics: View lyrics to your favorite songs as they’re played in iTunes and Windows Media Player!

Another bonus: TuneUp works with both Mac OS X (10.5+) and the Windows (XP SP2 +) operating systems. That means both Mac and Windows users can get the benefit of a cleaner, leaner and meaner iTunes Library. (For more details on this offer, visit the iPhone Hacks Deals page.)

But this latest iPhone Hacks Deals offer is almost done! So pick up TuneUp today – and make your iTunes sing like never before!

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