Ending Soon! The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course [Deals Hub]


Are you ready to roar? With this hands-on video course led by Chris Tarnowiecky, you’ll learn how to install, configure and monitor the OS X Mountain Lion Server

Normally retailing for $99, and now available for only $39 you’ll take home more than 9 hours of actionable content and over 110 lectures of informative instruction! By the end of this course you’ll know everything necessary to set up and manage an OS X Mountain Lion server of your own!

This is just a sampling of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Install and administer the OS X Mountain Lion Server in a commercial setting
  • Set up and securely manage Mac services and users
  • Set up Web Hosting, Wiki Server, iCal Server, File Sharing and more

If you’ve been wanting to get up to speed with the OS X Mountain Lion Server, take advantage of this great iPhone Hacks Deals offer at only $39 on iPhone Hacks and learn what you need to know — before it’s gone for good!

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  • Pacomacman

    This site is very quickly becoming a vehicle to make money rather than the informative site it once was. We don’t need courses promising us we can achieve god like status overnight or software bundle offering what often turns out to be freeware or software developers would otherwise be unable to sell. Focus on what made the site successful in the first place. Most of us are hackers or pretty technical people who could probably teach the people running these tin pot computer courses a thing or two!

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for the feedback. But I think some of the deals are pretty cool and do help readers to save money.

      Besides we have someone to cover these articles exclusively for us, so don’t worry it is not taking away my time.

      Feel free to let me know what kind of articles we are missing as we have tried to kill a lot of newsy stuff off late and focused more on tweaks and how-tos.