Eric Schmidt Says You’ll Have To Ask Apple About Google Now For iPhone

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Last week a promotional video of Google Now leaked online, which sparked off speculations that Google’s Siri competitor could be coming to the iPhone and iPad anytime soon.

Google Now is expected to be a feature of Google’s Search app.

Unfortunately it looks like the approval of the update to the Search app with the Google Now feature may be stuck with Apple at least based on Eric Schmidt’s comment earlier today.

When Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman was asked about Google Now for iOSĀ at the Big Tent Activate Summit that took place in Delhi, he said that “You”ll have to ask Apple.”

This is based on a tweet by Mahendra Palsule, editor at Techmeme who was present at the event.

I wonder if it is Google playing mind games. You may remember that we saw something similar with Google Maps for iPhone, Google tried spreading this notion that Apple may reject the app, but it was ultimately approved and there didn’t really seem any reason why Apple would reject it after asking users to use other third-party maps app after the iOS 6 Maps app fiasco.

I really can’t see why Apple won’t approve the Search app with Google Now. Though I’m looking forward to the feature, I think Apple still has a huge advantage of having Siri integrated into the OS, giving it the ability to work with stock iOS apps.

Let’s hope we don’t have to buy popcorn and sit back to find out how this one plays out.

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