iOS 6.1.3 Has “At Least One” evasi0n Bug Unpatched; More than 18 Million iOS Devices Jailbroken

evasi0nIn a conversation with Forbes, creator of Cydia Jay Freeman aka Saurik shares some updates on the number of devices jailbroken using evasi0n, the tool released by the evad3rs team.

From Forbes:

In the six weeks since evasi0n was released, however, close to 18 million devices have already been jailbroken, according to data from Jay Freeman, the administrator of the Cydia app store for jailbroken devices. He says he’s counted 18.2 million unique devices running iOS 6 visiting Cydia, including 13.8 million iPhones, 3.4 million iPads, and 1.1 million iPod Touches.

Four of the security vulnerabilities exploited in evasi0n got fixed in the latest iOS 6.1.3 update, but interestingly, David Wang aka planetbeing notes that “at least one of the bugs used in evasi0n” still remains in iOS. Given that he’s previously told that the evad3rs team has a few more exploits in store for the future, I’m pretty hopeful for a jailbreak for newer iOS releases. Wang in fact told Forbes that they’ll keep the bugs in store for the next major iOS release.

We’ve received quite a few updates on the number of jailbroken devices, so we made a chart showing the growth in the number since evasi0n was released

evasi0n ios devices jailbroken

evasi0n jailbreaks (in millions) versus time

Saurik and other repository owners have done a commendable job of scaling Cydia and its associated repos to serve over 18 million devices in such a short span of time.

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  • Casey

    Every time I jailbroken my phone I had multiple issues every single time! It’s never stable!

    • Levi

      I have no issues

    • untzuntz

      stop installing garbage apps/themes/crackedapps/etc and your iphone will run normally.

      • RandomGamer342

        Didn’t the 3vaders say this at some point? “People have a tendency to blame the first thing they did, and not the last”?

      • Casey

        I only used paid tweaks and applications! I understand that one or two doesn’t work you remove them and start over or find something else! It overall makes the iPhone unreliable!

        • untzuntz

          i dont know which apps your installing… but the ones i use.. sbsettings, adblocker, action menu, bitesms, ifile, pdanet, pwntunes, springtomize… to name a few and my iphone works flawlessly. battery life is just as good as it was when i wasnt JB’d.

    • Rounak Jain

      Have a look at your Packages list in Cydia, uninstall the ones you installed earlier and don’t use anymore. Also crashes are more likely to be caused by tweaks rather than the jailbreak itself.

    • PasserBy

      How about mentioning what tweaks you have and describe your instabilities. There are many people here that have a lot knowledge who may assist.

      • nathan edenborough

        My phone keeps crashing

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I’m using about 8-9 hacks/cydia apps and my phone runs sturdy as a russian tank.

    • Gustavo

      Read and learn about the JB and recommended modifications, do not install everything in cydia and install more than one application for the same purpose. Since the iphone 3G I’ve done the JB and never has been unstable, your comment is like saying: I have a car and hits everyday. Learn to manage your iphone.

  • blu

    As much as I would like 6.1.3 to be jailbroken, I would much prefer them to “save” any tricks for iOS 7 (if they would even work since the rumors are iOS 7 may be a complete new iOS system).

  • Xay

    Agree save them for iOS 7

    • iPhoneHacks

      But what is the guarantee that Apple won’t fix them in iOS 7.

      • Nostrademus

        Instead of blowing them off now, that’s a risk we r willing to make.

      • Brandon Hash

        there’s always that risk, but if they use those exploits on a tiny update like 6.1.3 it’s guaranteed that they’ll be fixed

        they’re better off spending their time right now working on something more important like getting downgrading working again for those that accidentally update or are forced to due to softbrick or similar scenario

  • Erick

    I’m stuck with my 4S on iOS6.1.2 with WiFi, Overheating and battery problems… D:

  • Brice

    I bet there going fix the bug in the next update release. I wouldnt count on it knowing apple already knows about it now!

  • Ereynell

    Save them for IOS 7 is the best idea.Have JB since the the first Iphone, I had to do it so I could use it here in Norway. I have never had any issues or battery drain.
    Think the trick is to update, set up as new iphone, JB and then restore from backup.

    I also have tried alot of different themes & tweaks, the only problem I have had is on my Ipad. Installed something that made the pixels go berserk so i could not see what or where i was. Had to restore from dfu, lucky me was still on IOS 5, so I could use shsh blobs.

  • Tre

    I also agree don’t waste anymore exploits wait for IOS 7 before releasing a new JB. To those who are having issues you have to take it one app at a time & start removing them & see where you loose your stability that’s the only way I found out to get the problems to go away. I have had problems also but everytime if I start removing tweaks/Apps whatever I add that wasn’t originally there I make sure and add them one by one I eventually find the culprit & the issues they go away. It is an issue you have to spend some time & figure out which ones are causing you the problem. Iphones/Ipods/Ipads/Apple TV/
    ROCK.”It is what it is”. I can’t live without my JB

  • Mastacheef4

    how do you even get the right evasi0n jailbreak for ios 6.1.3? because i downloaded evasi0n and it only goes up to iOS 6.1.2

  • Kurei

    I did a first time ever jailbreak my ipod4g ios 6.1 using evasion and cydia shows only 6.1 shsh blobs available in this device… Is there any way to downgrade this ipod4g ios 6.1 to 5.1.1 without shsh blobs saved ? Thanks in advance

    • Kurei

      I know my question is not related to the topic but i know you guys here are awesome,smart and happy to help.

    • Kurei

      Anyone can answer please ..thank you

  • Hdxlx1983

    I downloaded a 6.1.3 evasion jailbreak by punching it in my browser and if the iPhone 4 I have is plugged in or not the jailbreak button allows me to start the jail break I noticed that the download was a.exe file and not a .zip also the file was only 6.0 MB s

  • Hdxlx1983

    Also it stuck on saying the injected device will now reboot and it doesn’t so is there an evasion jailbreak 6.1.3 or not ?

  • Muhammad Umair

    Finally got my iphone 5 jailbroken on ios 6.1.3 and that’s untethered jailbreak. Evad3rs does released its version 1.5.4 which is available for download at [ www. evasionjailbreak .net ] I wonder why they always come up with some new url, may be some security reasons :/ Anyways, Fcuk yeaah!! i am Jailbroken on 6.1.3 and cydia’s working successfully!

    • Tested

      fake !

    • river4u37

      fake \\\/////

  • Mr. T

    What does keeping them until iOS7 mean to 6.1.2+ devices in general? I mean, last week i bought an iPad4 and found 6.1.3 installed. Does this mean, i will never ever get a jailbreak for this iOS version? Or will they release the jailbreak for this version when the jailbreak for v7 will be released?