Dark Sky Developers Launch Forecast.io, An Awesome Weather Web App

forecastThe developers of iOS weather app Dark Sky have launched a new web app called Forecast.io that not only presents detailed weather forecasts but also pushes the boundaries when it comes to what a web app can do. 

Here are the main features of Forecast.io:

Detailed and accurate forecasts

The service brings the same predictive technology used in Dark Sky to the web, telling you when exactly it’ll rain or snow in your location. The coverage is limited to U.S., U.K., Ireland, parts of Canada, Puerto Rico but the developers will soon be rolling out this feature to additional countries.

Radar animations

Forecast.io has fluid radar animations overlaid on a globe, showing how storm systems develop and evolve world-wide. You can select any location to view the weather over there, or can simply drag the slider below to see the animations at different points of time in the past and in the future. The fluidity of these animations are remarkable considering that it’s using web technologies under the hood rather than native animation APIs.

Weather history

Forecast has weather data from thousands of ground stations going back to a number of years in the past. You can simply key in a date in Forecast’s “Time Machine” feature to view the weather at your location back then. Just like a Time Machine, Forecast also lets you see the weather in the future using its predictive technology. Time Machine is live on the desktop website, but it’s “coming soon” on mobile.

In case you’re in a hurry, Forecast gives you an “intelligent” text summary of the weather without overwhelming you with a lot of data. Forecast works on all smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. To install it on your iOS device, head over to forecast.io, and tap the “Add to home screen” button.

Via: Forecast

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