Get 9 top Mac apps with The Mac Variety Bundle 3.0 [Deals Hub]

iPH - Variety Bundle 3

Even though your Mac comes with quite a few stock apps right out of the box, there are apps out there that kick things up a notch in terms of file management, contact organization, data protection, and notetaking (among others). Thanks to iPhone Hacks Deals, we’ve got a bundle of 9 apps that will take things to the next level on your Mac…and at a fraction of the regular price.

It’s called The Mac Variety Bundle 3.0. All of the apps we’ve packed into it will do its part in enhancing your Mac experience – not to mention your productivity. These apps are valued at $434 – and with this iPhone Hacks Deals offer you can get all of them for only $42!

Here’s what in this bundle (Note: Regular price is in parentheses):

  • Contactizer Pro: Manage, share and organize personal and business information. (Value: $119)
  • Keycue: Displays all menu shortcut commands. (Value: $26)
  • Disk Drill Pro: Data protection and recovery solution. (Value: $89)
  • AppShelf: Keep track of your software registrations and serial numbers. (Value: $10)
  • Default Folder X: Enhances Open and Save dialogs with bountiful options. (Value: $35)
  • 702 Premium Fonts: Unique premium fonts for Mac and Windows. (Value: $99)
  • Circus Ponies Notebook: Organize photos, email, documents and more. (Value: $50)
  • Color Splash Pro: Transform your photos with splashes of color. (Value: $10)
  • Cinch: Simple, mouse-driven window management. (Value: $7)

Apps like Default folder X can prove to be indispensible when you’re searching for newly added files and being to call up those valuable keyboard shortcuts with Keycue can really boost your speed on your Mac as you shift from app to app – and that’s just for starters!

But the savings of 90% on these apps isn’t going to be around for long. So head over to the iPhone Hacks Deals page and pick up The Mac Variety Bundle 3.0 now! (Besides, we all need a little variety in our lives…so why not save big in the process?)

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