Rumor: Google Working on an Android Smartwatch


It looks like Apple and Samsung are not the only companies working on a smartwatch.

The Financial Times reports that Google’a Android unit is also working on an Android smartwatch according to “a person briefed on the project”.

The Financial Times reports:

While Glass is being created in its X Lab, home to experimental “moonshot” projects such as the self-driving car, Google’s smart watch is being developed by its Android unit, according to a person briefed on the project, to act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system. The project is separate from Samsung’s efforts, the source said, although there is no indication of when it might launch.

Apple is widely rumored to be working on a smartwatch, unofficially dubbed iWatch, which could be launched as early as this year. According to reports, Apple has a team of about 100 product designers working on the iWatch led by Jony Ive , Apple’s Design Chief and who also provides leadership and direction for Human Interface software teams across the company. Rumors have claimed that Apple’s smartwatch will run a full version of iOS.

Earlier in the week, a Samsung executive also confirmed the company’s smartwatch plans.

So it looks like we are going to wave of wearable devices either later this year or sometime next year.

Image credit: Adrian Maciburko

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