Google Now Coming to Your iPhone and iPad Very Soon [Video]


google now iosAmidst the whole debate of Android vs. iOS, the one thing that stands out is how much better Google Now is as compared to Siri. While Google did deliver some of those features in its Search app, the Android version simply did a lot more than the toned-down version on iOS.

Today, a Google Now for iOS promotional video leaked online, highlighting the major features of the service. The video, which was first published on YouTube and quickly pulled, has been mirrored by Engadget. The voice of the iOS promotional video is the same as the one on the Android video, leading us to believe that the video is indeed genuine.

Just like the Android version, contextual cards are the highlight of Google Now on iOS, presenting you with different kinds of information like directions, translations, currency conversions etc. depending on the situation. According to the video, the service would be a part of the Google Search iOS app. Google Now can be accessed from the app by simply swiping up from the bottom.

Without further ado, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

I couldn’t be more excited for Google Now on iOS, though I still wonder how capable would the service be given that it’d be crippled by iOS’s restrictions on third party apps.

Via: Engadget

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