App Lets you Hide Stock iOS Apps and Disable iAds Without Jailbreaking [Update: Removed]


A new free app on the App Store, by the name of “HiddenApps,” lets you hide stock iOS apps and disable iAds entirely without the need for a jailbreak.

While we don’t know how the app slipped through Apple’s otherwise stringent app review process, we’re pretty sure it’ll get pulled very soon, which is why you should download the app right away from this iTunes link.

9to5Mac describes how the app manages to skirt iOS restrictions and hide inbuilt apps:

Most of these tricks are carried out in the same way: you tap a button and HiddenApps attempts to install a different app over-the-air. That installation intentionally fails, and you delete the failed installation from your home screen. Deleting this app magically triggers the intended change.

HiddenApps also lets you open apps that are hidden by default from the user like Field Test, iOS Diagnostics and iAdOptOut.


As expected, the app has been removed from the App Store.

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  • Jsmith

    Just opens a blank screen for me. Iphone 5 JB on ios 6.1.

    • Rounak Jain

      It takes a little time for me to open, within which it shows a black screen.

    • 93.93.93

      just be patient, black screen will disappear after a while

  • Jsmith

    Eventually opens but takes quite a while.

  • Jackson Bloomston

    Probably some kind of malware that slipped thru the cracks. Post it to enthusiast sites and say its going to be pulled by apple and people will inevitably go grab it quickly.

  • Brian


  • M

    Amazing that this got pushed through. This app is as buggy as it gets. Crashes nearly every time you use it. It does what the article says, but it’s a drunk-driver.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    useless app when You can hide all the apps into NewsStand . marc

  • Andrew

    Kinda useless for jailbreakers. But neat concept for those who do not jailbreak.

  • Chris Wade

    And….it’s no longer available in the App Store (Big surprise there, huh?)

  • Tired ‘Ole Sarge

    Just looked for it at 8:54 PM PST 3/17/2013… It’s already been removed from the appstore.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, it was removed the same day this post was published on March 11th.