New iOS 7 Concept Makes Notifications in Notification Center Actionable

ios notification conceptIntroduced in iOS 5, the Notification Center has remained fairly the same, barring for a few minor improvements made in iOS 6.

Notifications in the Notification Center remain dumb, you need open the app for any actions you’d like to take in response to the notification.

A new iOS 7 concept tries to address this problem by adding a bunch of actions for each notification that can be accessed by a horizontal swipe.

Here’s how the designer, Shaik Imaduddin, describes his concept:

My concept uses the current NC design but builds upon it to make it more powerful. My idea is to make NC more useful by making usual actions right in NC.

Here’s the video Shaik created to explain his concept better:

Tell us what you think about the concept in the comments section below.

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  • George

    I hope we see this in ios 7

  • Sebastian H.

    Isn’t that just a feature taken from Android (just like the whole notification center)? Nothing original, except if he had the idea years ago …

    • Kimk69

      Who cares. I just want it. I can really use this.

      • Sebastian H.

        Those who see words like “new concept” or “my idea” … they care. It’s neither ;-)

  • Derwin.chandra

    i dont think that will bring new thing for ios. i mean, what is that sh*t man… before i use iphone 4s, i used with galaxy note and i dont think that concept is strong enough to make new thing for ios. no offense, but that is sick. man.

  • ryanwins

    I own a blackberry z10, iphone, and a motorola razr…don’t ask. Anyway, out of those 3 believe it or not Blackberry got it right with the hub. With the hub you can choose to see notifications from all applications, or you can pick which ones appear in the hub, you can also customize how you get notified by each app, and all notifications are actionable…meaning you can engage the app that is notifying you, you can ignore it, or you can delete the notification.

    • boballistic

      Been wanting to try bb10. Hub and keyboard are nice.

    • George Andrew Warren

      pos phone, stay away, no app support, worst camera i have ever used, is whatsapp even coming?
      phone is just clunky, the fonts look rough, just a very unpolished feel to it.
      ip5 or galaxy s4 are your only choices for now. dont even bother with the bb, lumia etc..

  • boballistic

    Its a lot like android i think ios users would benefit from having features like these. It does help you speed up small tasks, and help organization.

  • George Andrew Warren

    uhhh doesnt intelliscreenX do something very similar? just pay $10 and you can have it now. ive been using it for 2 weeks, and its awesome.

    • George Andrew Warren

      also i used the replywhatsapp app and can now reply msgs directly from the lock screen