Awesome New Concept Reimagines Multitasking in iOS

Ever since Apple introduced the multitasking feature with the app switcher in 2010, it has received a lot of interest from UI designers and Cydia developers.

We’ve seen quite a few concepts and jailbreak tweaks that have tried to re-imagine the app switcher because let’s face it, there is a lot of scope for improvement.

This new app switcher/multitasking concept created by Jesse Head is easily one of the best I have seen. Jesse has reimagined how Apple should implement app switching/multitasking in iOS 7 taking some inspiration from concepts we’ve already seen.

So here is how it works:

Full App Tiles

The concept features ‘full app tiles’ instead of the app icons. As you can see in the screenshot above, the full app tiles look much better and should make it a lot easier to switch between apps.


Live Previews

My favorite feature of the concept is ‘live previews’. Currently, the apps in the app switcher are in inactive or standby state, the concept proposes that when the app switcher is activated, the apps would enter an “active” state or semi-active state. Jesse explains that the benefit of such a system will allow users to switch between apps such as Mail, Flipboard, Weather apps whilst they’re being updated live. He feels this semi-active state would help bridge the gap between app switching and true multitasking. The ability to see the live updates in the app switcher could also mean we don’t have to actually launch the app, for example a Weather app and it should also not cause a major impact on battery life as the live updates kick in only when you access the app switcher.



The concept also comes with a search bar at the top of the app switcher, which allows you to jump straight to that app. It may not be relevant in the current scheme of things as the apps in the app switcher are in inactive state, but can be useful for apps with the ‘live preview’ feature so you can quickly jump to the ‘live preview’ of a particular app.

Music Controls

Instead of swiping to the left for the music playback controls, Jesse has placed them just below the app tiles so you can access them more quickly.


Quick Settings Toggles

Swiping to the right at the bottom would give you quick access to the Settings toggles.


Kill Apps

No concept is complete without showing how to kill an app. In this concept, you can kill the app by swiping up or down on the full app tile.

I’ve seen several several app switcher concepts and use Auxo currently, which is the gold standard when it comes to app switcher tweaks, but this is easily one of the best concepts I’ve seen and really hope that some Cydia developer can create a tweak based on it.

Let me know what you think of the app switcher concept in the comments below.

Via: Jesse Head’s blog

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  • Imad Tad


  • ifonix

    nice something like that is biltin in the blackberry OS for the Z10…
    apple wakeup!

  • Andrew

    Really nice concept. I hope someone can bring that idea to life. Auxo is cool. But that would be bad a$$

    • Sahand

      auxo is cool, but a major memory hog

  • pauldrew18

    This concept will never come to life unless Apple stops being arrogant and narrow-minded.. Apple only listens to its own voice.. iOS is useful and powerful but the interface has gotten boring as h3ll..

    • Necter B.

      Trust me, waiting for Apple to get things done only makes users feel like they’re using a 1999 walkie-talkie-turned pebble. Currently, my iPhone 4 (w/ cydia) is Apple’s 10th year plan. In other words, my iPhone is 10yrs ahead of Apple’s iOS. So truly, concepts like this, when they work, even make any Apple’s ios releases/updates more obsolete. Jailbreakability of the iphone remains what separates the iPhones from other phones including unjailbreaken, flat, inert iPhones.

  • Bill Gates

    Common, apple is crap. Enough said.

  • Rounak Jain

    I think the tile based switching would shine even further in the landscape layout, with the ability to fit three app views in the screen.

  • Zayl

    WebOS did this 8 years ago on the palm pre

  • yeahright

    FASTER APP SWITCHING!? Yeah, because I need that 13th app really quick now!

  • Mr knowitall

    If i wanted to switch back three apps, i would have to make three swipes, “aint nobody got time for that!”

    I would much rather the current layout, displaying four apps at a time, a much more efficient use of space

  • Necter B.

    I think this will be an update of the Auxo. I really think so.

  • jaybeans821

    Very nice, thats what ios needs

  • Cali4iYay

    Watch Apple steal this idea lol