New iOS Concept By Auxo Designer Brings Settings Toggles To Lock Screen


UI Designer, Sentry of the Auxo fame is back with a new iOS concept.

In his new concept titled “iOS Lock Screen Toggles” he shows how you can easily enable or disable popular Settings toggles from the Lock screen via a hot bar.

Swiping from the right side of the screen will bring up a hot bar, which has the Settings toggles that can be enabled or disabled by tapping on them.

As usual, Sentry’s concept looks great. The hot bar’s translucent background makes it an integral part of iOS. It also reminds me of the Deck jailbreak tweak, that adds a hot bar to the SpringBoard. Check out this post to find out what I mean.

Do I want this concept to become a reality? Frankly, I would still prefer NCSettings as it not only looks gorgeous, it also allows me to quickly enable and disable settings from anywhere in the iOS and not just the lock screen. Though I can see some of you may have a fundamental issue of adding functionality like this to the Notification Center (which is for Notifications).

Also giving access to the hot bar from anywhere in the iOS may not be appropriate (which is probably why he has shown it only on the Lock screen) as it could result in too many false positives and would not work too well with tweaks like Zephyr.

I’m eagerly waiting for AltGrabber jailbreak tweak that will add more functionality to the Lock screen camera grabber. You can check out other cool iOS Concepts on this page.

Let me know what you think of the iOS Lock Screen Toggles concept in the comments below.

Via: Dribbble, Sentry

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  • RandomGamer342

    Am i the only one thinking this looks awful?

  • Tom

    I use ISX and I place ISX Settings on the ISX top shelf which makes it accessible anywhere without the need to have it visible every time I access my notifications.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, I like the way its implemented in ISX, but I am not a big fan of the tweak, prefer LockInfo.

      • Damian W

        Lockinfo 5 already incorporates this concept. Except the vertical bar, you have horizontal bar called widgets.

  • D4

    Anyone know of a tweak that allows ur phone to be on full silent including vibrate off but allow certain numbers to bypass it for say emergency purposes, im on 5.1.1 n dont want to upgrade to ios6 as some apps aint support still ie SloPro.
    Thanks guys :)

    • Damian W

      Maybe RingerX VIP, it has pretty deep functions. I think you would need to combine few tweaks to achieve this goal. MyVibe, and others.

      • D4

        Thanks man!

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Fantastic, I want that! Really beautiful and simple.

  • Damian W

    Lockinfo 5 already gives this function, yet nobody talks about how awesome it is.

  • Robert Sørensen

    I think it’s about time Apple implement something like this for the sake of usability!

    It’s taking too much time to just switch radios on/off like it is now in iOS…

  • BuMmR

    Dont really need this as so many other tweaks already offer toggles Auxo SBSettings and NCSettings. I dont see the point of having yet another.

  • Mayur

    This is not what apple does….. :) they must have thought these things while making apple 1