iPhone 6 Concept Features 4.8-inch Edge-to-Edge Display

It has been widely speculated that Apple may launch a larger iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen to compete with similar sized Android smartphones.

So Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse.fr teamed up with designer Martin Hajek to create high quality renders of what an iPhone 6 with the 4.8-inch screen may look like.

They’ve also incorporated some interesting features in their iPhone 6/iPhone Plus concept. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ultra-thin design.
  • 4.8-inch edge-to-edge display to ensure that the bigger display doesn’t increase the size of the iPhone proportionately.
  • Clickable display instead of iPhone’s iconic Home button, which is inspired by MacBook’s clickable trackpad.
  • The back casing seems to be inspired by the iPad mini/iPod touch 5G with the chamfered edges and anodized alumimum coating.
  • The larger 4.8-inch screen would allow Apple to add a column of apps in the Home screen and 5 apps in the iPhone dock






Based on the most recent rumors, it seems highly unlikely that Apple will launch the bigger iPhone in 2013. The next generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5S is expected to look exactly like the iPhone 5, but come with improved internals such as faster processor, better camera etc.

Let me know what you think of this concept in the comments below.

Via: Nowhereelse.fr

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    Please no .. iPhone 5 is big enough .. And I find my 4s to be a perfect size

    • moe22

      im with you on that.

    • Overlord

      Yeah ,is enough if you wear glasses….anyway i`ll believe it when i see it because Apple doesn’t like such a BIG changes

    • hypnopotamus

      Me too :)

    • http://twitter.com/supermuls Morty Petersen


    • Serdar

      Totally agree with you. 4S has perfect size

    • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

      I never want to go back to the small screen of the 4 but yes, neither does it need to be even bigger than the 5.

    • eupawel


  • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

    Yeah, I don’t think so, Tim. The borders at the bottom and top are too small – it just doesn’t fit into the whole picture. Borderless screens would be nice however.

    • Drusenija

      I don’t think people get what they’re asking for when this whole borderless design gets raised (and it does get raised a lot with these “concept” designs we see here regularly). Borderless on a device gives you no space for the sides of your hands to rest when you’re actually using the thing. If everyone held their phone with one hand and used the other to use it, then this would work, but in reality, people hold it in a ton of different ways (not all of them correct according to Jobs!), and the bezel around the outside actually gives some space to place your hands when you’re using it so you don’t inadvertently touch the screen.

      I had to get a case specifically for my iPhone 5 to deal with this already, if I hold the phone Game Boy style (i.e., two thumbs to type in portrait mode) the fleshy part of my palms kept inadvertently touching the keys on the edge of the keyboard. The case provides a “lip” around the edge of the phone which lifts my hands of the screen and avoids the issue.

      Oh, and on the comment at the bottom of “the next generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5S is expected to look exactly like the iPhone 5, but come with improved internals such as faster processor, better camera, etc”, after we’ve gone through two cycles of 3G->3GS and 4->4S, did anyone really expect this not to be the case? Sure, the rumour mill has been spinning as always, but Apple have gotten themselves into a nice cycle of major external redesign/internals upgrade -> recycled external design/major internals upgrade, any real reason to change it when it’s worked for them in the past?

      Besides, with so many people locked into 24 month contracts with their cell providers, this means that everyone can always feel they’re nearly up to date with the latest tech. Either they’ve got a new looking phone, or they’ve got the better specced older looking phone (or they’ve jumped ship to Android).

      • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

        Blabla. First, there will never be a completely seamless screen – or at least not in the near future. So a millimetre or half a millimetre would be there anyway. Second, I don’t know how you hold your phone with one hand, but when I hold mine with one hand, I don’t touch the screen with any part of my hand except with my thumb. So even borderless screens would work very much. But maybe this doesn’t apply to people who like to clutch their phone like a vice. I’d wonder how they use the phone with this grip though.
        And you know what the amazing thing about human beings is? They can adapt. You got no point.

        • Drusenija

          Yes, holding the screen one handed and using a thumb to navigate is one way of using the phone, but it’s one of several, and a number of the other use cases don’t work as well or at all with no space around the edge.

          Of course, if you only use your phone that way, then this edgeless design probably appeals to you, but given the multitude of uses the iPhone has, I don’t think too many people would do this exclusively.

          And yes, you’re quite right. Humans adapt. That doesn’t mean we always should have to though. Still, if this ever does happen and it turns out to work better than I think it will, I’ll happily eat my words, but my gut feeling still is that an edge to edge screen on a touch screen device isn’t going to work.

          • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

            I agree to the fact that we both don’t know. I would like to try it out though. ;)

  • jake

    Looks like samsung!!!!

  • gaveuponapple

    If Apple does this I might actually consider a return to the iPhone. Until then I’ll stick with my Galaxy phones. Love the screen real estate.

  • gaveuponapple

    If Apple does this I might actually consider a return to the iPhone. Until then I’ll stick with my Galaxy phones. Love the screen real estate.

  • Josh

    Looks like a galaxy phone, and apple does need to increase the screen size on the next iPhone

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Feel the same.

  • Antony Vannapho

    you cant have borderless phone… your palm and finger tip would always touch the screen making it do crazy stuff that you dont want to……… (IMO) ;)

  • http://twitter.com/TonganNinja Tali

    The borders look fine but the roundness of the edges doesn’t seem right. The OS can be tweaked to ignore erroneous input from your palm while holding the phone, just like the iPad mini does. I would like to get rid of the home button or make it smaller so the chin and forehead of the device doesn’t have to be as large. However, if a fingerprint scanner is inserted beneath the home button then I would welcome it. I think Apple needs to offer the iPhone 6 in two sizes, one the same size is the iPhone 5 and the other with the 4.8 screen and possibly with the rumored doubleretina display

  • kiet

    Make me think about Galaxy 3 or 4

  • Praneeth

    Yes…! I feel screen size doesn’t really matter. If fact the bigger it is the uncomfortable it goes to carry in pockets. I feel apple should be developing phones with the same 3.5 to 4.0″ max screen size. But with better design and like next gen features along with a gud looking customizable OS.

  • Astig_808

    my iphone 5 is perfect already.i just want apple to upgrade the ios and surprise me

  • Astig_808

    two handed iphone :(

  • Guest

    get rid of front camera and make it even cheaper. We do like and want privacy oriented devices. marc

  • Daniel

    You don’t like it because you are not ysed to it,but as soon as they change the size most people will start to enjoy it. Users with poor vision will love it.

  • Apel P

    looks very break prone.

  • DeanoD

    “4.8-inch edge-to-edge display to ensure that the bigger display doesn’t increase the size of the iPhone proportionately.”
    The case size doesn’t change in this concept, just the screen within the case.
    Still too big?
    I use an iPhone 5 and I’d love a bigger screen in this form factor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thuong.ho.775 Po Wah

    haha looks 95% like the galaxy

  • Jays_on

    I love it!

  • http://twitter.com/db_DESIGN dbDESIGN

    Not going to knock it, this is beautiful. Aside from the larger screen Apple needs to dramatically re-design their UI set. The larger screen is a beauty, a larger phone is ideal. I bought the Lunatik Taktik case just to make the iPhone 5 larger and fit better in my hands. Only problem with this mockup and design is that cases to fit the model may become an issue, as the only option may be a snap on case, unless apple increases the build strength from the previous model.

    This would be a win all around for Apple, this mockup is great.

  • Cythia Vu

    Apple is getting old….

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    get rid of front camera and make it even cheaper. We do like and want privacy oriented devices. marc
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  • jaybeans821

    that concept up there is hot tho if they can get it looking like that and keep the whole device from getting bigger that would be great..

  • ted

    clickable display? Remember the horrible BBY Storm?

  • Kris

    I think Samsung got it right with they’re galaxy series even so that I have both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Samsung galaxy S4 is a perfect size and weight about right (hoped for iPhone 5 weight). So come on apple. Make us exited please.

  • Sam Agha

    kiya aap yeh pakistan me bhejhen ge

  • Elise

    I personally love the idea. iPhone needed to be upgraded in scene size. You’re saying its big enough, but I know some android users would definitely consider switching with a bigger screen. I have a 4.3 and I will not go down to a 4. It’s just TOO tiny. This is exactly what is needed and I can’t wait until its available.

    • Elise

      Screen* not scene..

  • John Monk

    Still too skinny, come one, i switched to the galaxy note because i use the screen more than the phone, apple needs a 5 inch screen that is wider than the current model.
    When i first saw the note 2 i thought it was silly, but now i think it is almost perfect, and the iphone 5 feels tiny.
    Of course, a 5 inch ipod touch with data is what i really want….

  • Noaman Khalil


  • GhostDog

    Get some bigger hands, girls.