LastPic Lets You Easily Send Your Last Taken Photo in a Message

LastPic is a new jailbreak tweak by developer Filippo Bigarella that brings a handy feature in Tweetbot called “Use Last Photo Taken” to the stock Messages app on iOS devices.

When you decide to share a photo with someone, there’s a high chance that it’s the last photo you’ve taken. Choosing the last photo from the Camera roll can be somewhat time consuming. LastPic makes the whole thing a two-tap process, considerably reducing the time you’d take otherwise.


After installing the tweak, instead of the usual “Take Photo” and “Choose Existing” options in the photo-picking sheet in the Messages app, you’d see an additional “Use Last Photo Taken” button that’ll insert the last taken photo from your Camera Roll.

I’d personally find this tweak very useful while sending screenshots or saved images from Safari to my friends.

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