Buyer Orders iPod from Website, Gets Rocks Instead

ipod stone

This is pretty amusing (and not made up). An Indian customer ordered an iPod from one of the country’s leading e-commerce websites,, and to her surprise found something entirely unexpected in the box.

Earlier today, Nikhil Sekhar revealed on Twitter that his sister ordered a 160GB iPod worth Rs. 20,000 (~$350) from the site, and instead of an actual iPod in the box, found two stones. Nikhil shared an image of the iPod box with the stones on Twitter, which got a lot of RTs and eventually got a response from the website.

Fortunately for the buyer, the website has acknowledged the issue and would be delivering a replacement as soon as possible. Strangely, this isn’t the first occurrence of a customer ordering a product and getting stones instead.

Due to the large number of parties involved (Apple/Apple’s manufacturing partner, distributor, website, delivery company), it’s difficult to blame Flipkart entirely for the issue. By reacting promptly to the complaint, they would be hoping that they do not get any further bad press.

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  • Monu

    Hi i am from india. Flipkart is the most popular online purchasing website in the country. I don’t blame flipkart at all because they are pretty reliable and the most comfortable place to purchase online. it may be done by the courier service.

    • Damian W

      How do you explain the rock then? If it is the most reliable service then what do other services send in their packages?

  • iPhoneHacks
  • Iphonemaniac

    May be it was., not anymore! Sorry flipkart. Reliability wise cannot say much. Delivery chain is broken. One can blame anyone as many partners are involved including Apple.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      I will 100% guarantee Apple did NOT ship a box of rocks to a retailer.

      100% guarantee.

  • bcsc

    Either way, 2 rocks has a larger feature set and is infinity more useful than any iDevice.

    • Mike

      omg.. your so funny…

      • moe22

        i LOLd too he probably thought he was talking about samsung. i know its like using a rock but he literally meant the rock LOL

    • Baked

      I’ll take my jailbroken iOS over any other platform on the market (phone tablet MP3 player). I will admit iOS sucks non JB, but JB it and unlock the full potential of that device… Sorry man, you have no ideas what you are talking bout…

      • bcsc

        Yup, when you JB it so that you can use Android stock features, its useful. My phone does everything plus what yours does and doesn’t require hacking to do it. I used to sound just like you a couple years ago. Just remember this when you get tired of supporting a resistant OS.

    • travisfriend

      Who comes onto a website called iphonehacks just to talk about idevices? The name iphone is in the freaking name… Chill dude…

      • travisfriend

        Just to talk bad about idevices.

  • Jub jub

    Wow! The new Irock!

  • Chris

    I shipped an iPad to a customer in China on the iPad 1 release. They claimed to receive a rock instead and upon a police investigation, it was determined that the iPad was stolen and replaced with a rock by someone in the mail service (think about how many people touch one package though, it’s impossible to find out who it was). This happens more often than you think, if Flipkart is not to blame, I’m sure they’ll do the responsible thing and file a claim / report it to the authorities.

  • Anon

    There’s always that slight risk when ordering online. You don’t know where the problem occurs. It could be a rogue mail man stealing packages, or it could be an employee. Who knows where the problem lies. They won’t be able to pinpoint the problem if it’s a rogue mail man. It touched too many hands. Looks like FlipKart may be out of luck and forced to refund the customers their money. They probably should use that ‘if seal is broken’ tape. Then, one could help pinpoint where the theft is taking place.

  • Steve Kennard

    Stuck between a Rock and a iDevice

  • Passerby

    I lol’d hard at this

  • Junglefever

    Who wants premium rocks? Get it here, expensive rocks! No imitation rocks like other iphone sellers. Endless possibilities and fun with my rocks. You could use my rocks to convince people to give up their iphones.

  • Syphon

    What iOS version did it come with?

  • bob_bipbip

    after too much pot smoking, the guy how make this packet was …
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    totally stoned …

  • Nubby

    At least the rock would’nt have Apple maps…..

  • Nubby

    let’s see Evaders try to jailbreak that!

  • Cole Edowāzu


  • Manoj

    That iRock is cool!