Peekly: Awesome WinterBoard Theme For Your iPhone Lock Screen Now Available On Cydia


If you like to customize the look and feel of your jailbroken iPhone by installing themes then you should check out Peekly, an awesome 2 page Lock screen theme for iOS.

Peekly is a Winterboard theme with a difference. 

It not only revamps your iPhone’s lock screen, it also gives you quick access to the Weather and the Calendar from the Lock screen using gestures.

When you swipe to the right on the Lock screen, it gives you a “peek” at the 3-month Calendar. You can choose to replace it with a Twitter feed, your Google Calendar events or even RSS feeds.

When you swipe to the left on the Lock screen, it reveals the weather on page 2 of the Lock screen. By default it shows the weather in Toronto, but don’t worry we’ll tell you how to change it your location shortly.

When you swipe again to the left on the Weather it gives you a “peek” at the weather forecast for the next four days. Check out the brief demo video of the theme below to get a better idea:


Peekly is now available for free on Cydia. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device then click on the download link below. Thanks Khattak for the heads up!

➤ Download link

This is the older method to install Peekly:

  • Download the Peekly lock screen theme from this website and unzip the file.
  • Copy the peekly.theme folder to the Clipboard
  • You now need to copy the folder to /Library/Themes/ folder on your jailbroken iPhone. You can use software such as iExplorer or i-FunBox, which are available for both Mac and Windows.
  • After the peekly.theme folder has been copied, launch the WinterBoard app from your jailbroken iPhone’s lock screen.
  • Tap on Select Themes and then tap on peekly to select it. Deselect any other Lock screen them that may be selected.
  • Press the Home button. This will cause your jailbroken iPhones SpringBoard to respring.

That’s it, after it resprings, you’ll see your iPhone’s Lock screen has been transformed with the awesome Peekly theme.

You can now edit the settings.js javascript file using iFile to change the clock, weather and other “peek” settings. If you need any help, check out this how to video created by Scott Herder that shows how it’s done.

As always let me know how it goes and also don’t forget to let me know what you think of the ‘Peekly’ Lock screen theme.

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  • Nikhil

    does this works with lockinfo 5?..

    • iPhoneHacks

      It doesn’t work well with LockInfo 5.

      • ComputerMan

        thats all i needed to know. now i know not to get this!

  • mark d

    i’m seeing the native lockscreen watch and date over the themes, how do i disable that (not the theme’s) ?

    • Jaime

      There are many tweaks that hide the stock clock and date, but I am also curious if there’s a better way to do it.

    • Comeiro

      Search for “Lock Screen Settings” in Cydia. Once installed, turn “Hide Clock” on.

      • Pedro

        Repo ?

      • Andrew Okoh

        Search for “LockScreen Settings” instead

    • iPhoneHacks

      I used the LockScreen Settings tweak like Comeiro to disable the watch and the date.

      It’s available in the BigBoss rep.

  • jeremyshonya

    does this works on iphone 4 with 6.1.2

    • Satan

      Yes it does.

  • Pedro

    The original time and date still appears when I load the theme.. some trick ?

  • Mitch

    can you tell me how you get the address for the mobile downloads in cydia?????

  • John

    This looks really enticing for people with OCD. I wish it included the seconds, however, in the time.

  • Penny Fletcher

    I got this set up…pretty sweet. I forget though…how do I get the lockscreen to stay on longer?

  • wally

    how does the twitter aspect work, being how do you set it up ha

    • gino

      Yeah I’d like to add twitter and change the weather so it’s not Toronto

    • Nikhil

      you have to edit the settings.js in the peekly.theme folder using ifile.

  • Khattak

    Its in the cydia already. Just search and download it.

  • laurnzo

    It showed up on cydia the day your wrote about it. I didn’t read the whole post and went to cydia to install, i came back to finish the post after not being about to change the weather. That’s when you realized your post was talking about using iFile or something. I also did install it on my iPad 3 and it looks good. Only problem is, it is constantly freckling. having some kind of setting to change to a local weather will be awesome.

    • laurnzo

      Sorry for the typo’s. Bad habit of typing too fast and not reading over…..

      • iPhoneHacks

        It wasn’t there on Cydia when the post was first published. Otherwise, wouldn’t have gone through the hassle. Probably just missed it.

  • EricW

    Will you still be able to get lock screen notifications with this theme?
    -iphone 4S 6.1.2-

    • Thatsgr8


  • Thatsgr8

    Can you change the background to other colors or something beside digital gray camo

    • Nikhil

      Yes you can! you have to replace bg.jpg and bg2.jpg in the wallpapers folder in peekle.theme. Don’t forget to rename your custom wallpaper to bj.jpg and bg2.jpg!

  • Andrew

    I dunno this theme seems kinda useless if u have intelliscreen. My lock screen has so much going on cuz it’s my notification center. But the best thing with using intelliscreen is that u can hide the status bar by swiping up. Essentially giving u two lock screens to pick from. Just a personal preference.

  • jimy1204

    is there a way to access the settings and change the weather if i only downloaded it from cydia and didn’t use the older method to install?

  • jimy1204

    Hello, anyone? is there a way to access the settings and change the weather if i only downloaded it from cydia and didn’t use the older method to install?

    • iPhoneHacks

      You can use iFile to edit the settings in the js file.

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