PPSSPP: The First PSP Emulator For iOS Now Available On Cydia


Few days back, we brought you the news that PPSSPP, the PSP emulator was successfully ported to iOS by Henrik Rydgard, developer of Dolphin, the Gamecube and Wii emulator.

We had also embedded a video which shows the PSP emulator running on the 4th generation iPad. While it graphics looked quite good, the frame rate was noticeably very slow as the emulator is using an interpreter instead of the Just-In-Time compiler (JIT).

I’ve some awesome news for you if you’ve been eagerly waiting for the PSP emulator.  The developers have not only fixed the frame rate issue so it is playable, but the PSP emulator is now also available on Cydia so you can install it and play PSP games on your iOS device.

You need to follow these steps to install PPSSPP, the first PSP emulator for iOS for free on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on the Manage tab at the bottom.
  • Then tap on the Edit button, followed by the Add button.
  • Enter cydia.myrepospace.com/theavenger in the Cydia/APT URL field and then tap on Add Source.
  • After the repo has been successfully installed, tap on Return to Cydia button.
  • Tap on the theavenger repo from that list, you should see PPSSPP emulator in the list, tap on it.
  • Then tap on Install button on the top right corner, followed by the Confirm button.
  • After it is successfully installed, tap on the Return to Cydia button.

That’s it, you will now be able to play PSP games on your jailbroken iOS device assuming you’ve the ISO images for the PSP games. You need to copy them the Documents folder via iFile or iFunbox.

I don’t have the ISO images so couldn’t test the game play. Let me know how it goes if you are able to play PSP games on your jailbroken iOS device.

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  • D4

    Operation timed out :/ booooooo

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Strange, it worked without a problem for me.

      • D4

        Going to try again now, could of been a server overload?

        • D4

          still getting POSIX: Operation Timed Out (all in red)

          • http://www.facebook.com/liamsagooch Liam Googolplex Merlyn

            Most likely a server overload, try again in an hour is two

          • D4

            Ill try tomorrow then, cheers dude.

    • genXhippie

      I experienced the same, just type it in again, until it catches.

  • Jays_on

    Did u mean ISO image?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yes, that’s what said the first time :) Fixed the typo.

  • Kraken

    It’s a little slow, and there is no sound (music) support, but otherwise it is quite impressive.

    There is also a new Cydia app that lets you use a PS3 controller on iDevices. It should work nicely with this: http://theultralinx.com/2013/03/connect-ps3-controller-ipad-iphone-cydia.html

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, it still seems to be work in progress. Thanks for letting us know about the PS3 controller.

      • http://www.facebook.com/davidhidalg David Hidalgo

        does this work on iphone 3gs??

  • Moses Altmann

    Hope it can run gta or lego Star Wars.

    • dsf

      We will keep hope alive for you Jesse Jackson.

  • mike

    will this work with ipad 3 ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515360595 Ben Lloyd

    I have ran tons of titles using this emulator (on iPad3 and iPhone5) including the ones that the official site suggested performed well. While it is an impressive feat I don’t believe it’s anywhere near being playable; even on the most basic 2D titles. It’s just an impressive demo at the moment, hopefully the developer will keep working on this project…

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Hey Ben thanks for sharing your experience.

  • L@nC3

    I cant upload the games its says memory full even i have 18gb free space.

  • Pacomacman

    As a side note we already have a great Wipeout clone on the iPad called Repulze!

    Don’t forget this demo is running on the 4th generation iPad. It will probably run much better on the 2nd generation than the 3rd due to the retina display.

  • Miguel

    Hello, i need some help, how to transfer de iso files from de pc to my ipad ? I already have the ifile installed but how i do the transfer? Thanks

    • anonymous

      use ifunbox

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.flores.12177 Eddie Flores

    How do you get roms

  • maersk65

    crashed on iphone 4s (6.1.2) it load the game and allowed to input all detail for the selections but it crash after that…

  • plko

    how do I download the roms onto the ppsspp

  • Chun

    PPSSPP turns off when I lock my iphone and unlocking iphone brings me back to homescreen but not on ipad. any suggestions?

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidhidalg David Hidalgo

    does dis work on 3gs??

  • Randylol

    Mine just crashes when I open it

  • iOSKid

    Does this work with ios 5.1.1?

  • Ivan dimitrov

    iPad 4 . I can’t even launch it.Crashes to home screen. Shiiiiit!

  • Adman

    please reply : when I click on the ppsspp icon and it go to black screen for 1 sec and it turn back to my homepage…please reply me fast thx~

  • potato

    I’m on ipod 4 and it doesn’t open :// does it work on ipad air? because I might jailbreak that to play this lol

  • Drake

    Doesn’t work on my ipad mini it crashes as soon as I tap it