RecordMyScreen: Free, Open Source Screen Recorder for iOS


DisplayRecorder by Ryan Petrich for jailbroken iOS device and Reflector ($12.99) for a non-jailbroken device are the gold standard when it comes to screen recorder for iOS.

However, a new free open-source screen recording app called RecordMyScreen has recently been released on Cydia that aims to give them a run for their money.

RecordMyScreen is an open source project created by John Coates (developer of Flex, UnrestrictPremium etc.), CoolStar, ProtoSphere, Nicholas Gomolion, and Brandon Etherage.

It offers the following features:

  • Open Source
  • Supports Video Rotation
  • Support 1/2 or Full Size
  • Hardware Accelerated Direct h.264 Encoding
  • Captures OpenGL frames out of the box
  • Manage recordings in the app
  • Open Recordings in other apps / Save them to the photo library
  • Fully compatible with Retina Display (except retina iPads)
  • Can run in Safe Mode
  • Doesn’t inject code into other apps/SpringBoard

For some strange reason, I couldn’t get the recording to work on my jailbroken iPhone 5, though it worked fine on my jailbroken iPod touch 5G.

The other annoying thing that I found was the red bar with RecordMyScreen just below the status bar, which takes up previous screen real estate and makes the video unusable at least for my needs.


DisplayRecorder allows you to start or stop the screen recording using an Activator action, so I don’t need to launch the DisplayRecorder app. RecordMyScreen doesn’t give you that option currently, which means you have to edit the video to delete the portion where you tap on the record button and switch to whatever you want to record.  But it is something that can be added quickly. It also seemed quite buggy as it crashed quite a bit.

The cool thing about the tweak is that it is open source and is available on Github, which means that if you’ve a iOS Developer account then you will be able to install it without jailbreaking your device.

It also allows you to import the video recordings to your camera roll, video editing apps such iMovie or also upload them to Dropbox (the apps need to installed on your device).

Wrap up:

It is great to see someone aiming to bring us this functionality for free, but for the time being I plan to use DisplayRecorder and Reflector (it tricks the iOS device into thinking your Mac or PC is an Apple TV and allows you to AirPlay mirror your iOS device to your computer where you can record it) as RecordMyScreen still needs improvements before I can recommend it.

You can download RecordMyScreen on your jailbroke iOS device by tapping on the download link below and let me know what you think in the comments.

➤ Download link

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  • Dan R Wolfe

    I downloaded the Record My Screen on a jailbroken iPhone 4 Ver 6.1.2. It was always crashing. It would work for about a second or two then crash. I re-springed the phone and started it again but still it crashes. Not sure what it works with at the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed so I can try it again.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah same here. It crashed quite often.

      • Nhân Phan

        Yeah. It’s free, that’s why…hehe

    • Roro Cat

      same. Iphone4 iOS 6.1.2, doesn’t work at all ! managed to run in app a few seconds and press stop but nothing was saved. exit app and re-enter, click start and crash

    • DaGuyWhoFixes

      If Your Crashing follow these steps

      1.Go To Settings
      2.Change Date/Time To 2012
      3.Open The App Once
      4.And Change It Back To 2013

      If Your Still Having Crashes Please Do The Steps Again

      Or Just Send Me A Message If This Is Happening Again <–— Send Me a Message For Problems If You Have

      • DaGuyWhoFixes

        Also Its For Non-Jailbroken Device

      • Meh

        I have a similar problem, whenever I’m recording my screen all the other apps that I open up crash, I’ve tried the 2012 thingy many times and it hasn’t worked, Help?

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    works great on my iphone 3GS,ios 6.1. (can’t work out the folder for saving recordings and its location on file system ) marc

  • moodi

    I download it on my iPhone 5 FW 6.1.2 and it is working fine . No crashing and it is running good.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass UPDATE

    never used once then i will classify and bin this app as usual ! This also confirms once again there is no consumer market for mobile apps with few exceptions such as video games for kids. (…. and even when they are open source apps for we cannot consider irregular usage as a market for good products).
    all of US then suggest it’s about time to get all mobile apps devs together and work on a larger and more complex project following major software dev. companies (drivers) and then , marketing a real software product. (a alternative to and a replacement for mobile OS would be an example of what all of US mean) marc

  • Scrolz

    LOL I got it on my iPod without jalnreak thanks a developer who signed it with XCode and it works great!

  • iPhone4SUser

    On my 4S running iOS 7 Beta 2, the app doesn’t work.

    • Billytheboss

      Same the same thing is happening to me but i have beta 3

    • Bubbleeey

      Yeah ios 7 bata dose not work with the coding of the app

  • Roopdog

    Does it have max recording time per video

  • Molly

    I an emulator from that emus for iOS website will it take the place of that app if I download it

  • Steely bodick

    I have an iPad mini and it won’t record the whole screen!;(

  • SkinnyFG

    Please help

    • Trevormeme

      Well to help you need to go to settings general time and date then change the date to before July 2013 then it will install. TRUST ME I KNOW MY STUFF

    • Sammy

      You need to make your date and time before July. settings<general<date and time<set automatically [OFF] <set date and time

  • YourHelp

    Just set your date to Jul 1 and it will work again

  • Sup

    Dude i have both record my screen and record screen but doesnt work help me!

  • Genesect9342

    Doesn’t work on my iPad Mini running iOS 7 Beta 3, hopefully they will add compatibility with iOS 7 soon!

  • iOS 7 Beta 5

    Mine is iOS 7 beta 5 I can’t find a perfect one.

  • Anon person

    What the +#*% i cant find it

  • WHAT

    where do i download it??????

  • Charlie A. Bish

    Link is dead


    It didn’t come up on App Store??

    • lachsblocks

      U have to download from cydia

  • Mike

    How do you download the app

  • Bubbly

    From yesterday it worked fine for me the today I was recording and the battery died.i charged it then tried to go on but it kept taking me to!!!

  • Ghdfi

    It won’t work

  • iPod user

    My dose

  • Hshshsh

    You have to have the date set to 2012 cause when I did that on my iPhone IOS7 it worked

  • iOS 7 user

    It’s too bad that the app doesen’t work with iOS 7.

  • Ipadmini

    Is there any app i can use to record my ios 7 ipad mini screen?

  • Random person

    How do you download it?

  • Derek

    Where do u download it?

  • Brendan

    Used to work for me no has stopped working tried to go to this page and download it again but it doesn’t work anymore

  • Hassam

    Friends I need wifipasswords app without jailbrack any have link or any I’d so plz tell me I’m very thank full

  • Mii ty

    Won’t open the page when I click the download link

    • Katie Maroe

      Same here

    • Teddy Bear

      Me too and I’m mad!

    • LoRd MiGuEl

      If you want it so bad go to settings change date to july 1 2012 and goto and scroll down and you will find recordmyscreen or recordscreen

      • Torsten Jorgensen

        Well it only records iOS 6 screen!

  • Tahlia Hinton

    Where download button?

    • LOL

      Your too fat! It’s not for you! I facepalm so hard because the download link was below if your reading!

  • Puppy_lover

    How do I get record my screen?

  • lachsblocks

    It doesn’t have the option to save to camera roll, it doesn’t say manage recordings, what do I do?

  • Ozy

    Mine pops up a dating app

  • Teddy Bear

    How do you download it?

  • Frozen

    Out if App Store … Y?!

  • caleb

    Whenever I watch my vids back it’s BLACK

  • Hnoowda

    It’s not work

  • Me

    How do you get it?

  • Michael

    1) Emu4iOS is hard to figure out, and it crashes A LOT! 2) Who wants to pay when they can video camera the screen for FREE, especially 13 bucks$

  • Michael

    We need something for iOS7!!!!!

  • Someone

    Where is the download link