Somersby Cider Ad Pokes Fun at Apple


We’ve seen Samsung poke fun at Apple in its ads and comedian Conan O’Brien loves to create his own version of the ad for new Apple products.

This time round, Danish based beer maker Carlsberg Breweries has just released a new parody ad for Somersby Cider that pokes fun at Apple product launches.

It’s quite brilliant. Check it out and let me know what you think.

HT: AllThingsD

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  • Marius Zotea

    love it

  • goze


  • Andrew

    That was hilarious Nice commercial!!

  • unvaluablespace

    this was awesome! hilarious. very well done. i especially love the smack in the face at the end “and it works PERFECTLY in direct sunlight” ha!

  • cool

    Well done samsung

  • Ashton

    I bet they had great fun making that advert using there mac’s, iPad’s and iPhones.