T-Mobile Hits Back At AT&T With Brilliant Ads

A few days back, we told you about AT&T’s newspaper ads that attacked the quality of T-Mobile’s voice and data network. T-Mobile has today hit back at AT&T with its own set of absolutely brilliant ads.

Some background first: AT&T had tried to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion a couple of years ago. The deal obviously drew the scrutiny of regulatory bodies in the U.S., given the monopolistic environment it would create in the country. After a few months, AT&T officially ended its acquisition bid. The relationship between the two companies hasn’t been at its best following the failed acquisition and with the iPhone coming on T-Mobile very soon, AT&T pushed out the ad attacking reliability and download speeds of T-Mobile’s network.

So what do the ads look like?




These ads, obtained by TmoNews, are still awaiting final approval and haven’t been published in newspapers yet. We don’t think they’ll have much difficulty in getting approval given how outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere tends to be in public, having called AT&T’s network “crap.”

What do you think of the ads?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/vkjain60 Vinod Kumar Jain

    It is bold response to AT&T.

  • Ñitto

    Awesome. If this was a boxing match those ads would be a hits that would have everyone jumping out their seats.

  • Rick

    If such rivalry exist..Why Net10 owned by ATT send me an e-mail changing there policy beginning March 1st and saying that they are going to Cap my service data plan to 1.5Gig and offer to send me a T-Mobile Sim and switch me to Unlimited 4G data apparently with no changes to plan but I pay 50 for my prepaid and T-Mobile true Unlimited is 70?

    • I8worm


      • Rick

        Exactly what I said they are offering to send me a T-Mobile Sim and switch me to unlimited 4G data with no changes to my plan

        • kendolink

          Ya sure whatever.

        • John

          I think people would be able to understand you better with a few little punctuation marks, proper capitalization, and proper syntax.

    • Kraken

      Net10 is not owned by AT&T, they just buy bandwidth on AT&Ts network and resell it to you cheaper than AT&T charges outright. Net10 is owned by Tracfone, who also owns Straight Talk and a bunch of other pre-paid companies.

      AT&T is trying to kill off all of these MVNO carriers because they were providing unlimited everything on AT&T’s network for 1/3 the price AT&T charges. Now, for example, Straight Talk is no longer selling AT&T SIM cards and has a 500MB cap instead of unlimited.

      So, the MVNO carriers are switching to Tmobile. But, Tmobile’s prices are low enough already that I would gladly pay them the extra $10 and not have to deal with Straight Talk’s incompetent “support.”

  • Kendolink

    I love this! Finally someone has balls to tell at&t F*CK YOU! I currently am on T-mobile (left at&t) with full unlimited everything, and true unlimited 4G with no up to sh*t. My signal is great, quality is great, they really seem to care, data speeds are around 600 kb/s – 900 kb/s normally. All for 70 bucks a month no contract. Love the deal being I watch netflix a couple of times on the 4G throughout the month and youtube daily. Also like the 40 dollar walmart deal for unlimited everything, (high speed up to 1 GB at 3G but you can add more data for that month if you don’t like the reduce speeds) my mom is on it and she loves it. She just wanted internet for simple browsing, maps and music streaming when driving or waiting on something.

  • James

    With tmobile doing away with contracts and tmobile will finance the phone for u if you cant afford to buy it outright and the iPhone coming soon to T-Mobile AT&T will be losing more iphone customers to tmobile a iPhone on tmobile with unlimited everything is $50 compared to AT&T $100+ monthly

  • GB

    brilliant !!

  • Suyash

    I worked for both companies and both suck