T-Mobile Will Start Selling iPhone 5 From April 12 For $99 Down Payment


As expected, T-Mobile has just announced that it will be finally officially offer Apple’s iPhone 5 on its network from April 12th at the media event that is going on currently.

T-Mobile USA was the only carrier among the top four carriers in the U.S. to not offer Apple’s iPhone.

As part of its ‘Uncarrier’ initiative, customers won’t have to signup for a two-year contract when they buy an iPhone 5 from T-Mobile. They can either pay the full price for the iPhone 5 up front or they can pay $99 up front plus $20 monthly instalments for 24 months.

T-Mobile will also be offering iPhone 4S for a down payment of $69.99 plus $20 for 24 months and iPhone 4 for a down payment of $14.99 plus $15 for 24 months.

iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s new LTE network that it officially launch today. T-Mobile has also announced that it will support iPhone 5’s Wideband Audio or HD Voice feature, which makes it the first carrier to support the feature in the U.S.

T-Mobile had also unveiled its contract-free carrier plans over the weekend.  With the new plans, T-Mobile is offering unlimited text, talk and web for $50 per month with 500MB data, which also includes mobile hotspot. You can add unlimited 4G data for $20, but it does not include mobile hotspot.

You can add up to 12GB of data with mobile hotspot in increments of 2GB to your included 500MB of data. These plans range from $50 to $110 in cost. Each additional 2GB of data with mobile hotspot will cost you $10.

You will be able to pre-order iPhone from T-Mobile from April 5th from here.

LTE Network Launch

T-Mobile has also officially launched its 4G LTE network in seven cities. T-Mobile’s LTE network will be available in the following cities from today: Baltimore; Houston; Kansas City; Las Vegas; Phoenix; San Jose, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

T-Mobile has said that its LTE network will reach 100 million Americans by the middle of 2013 and 200 million by the end of 2013.

Now that all the top four carriers in the U.S. offer Apple’s iPhone, it will be interesting to see if we will finally see a price war. Are you planning to switch to T-Mobile? Let me know in the comments below.

Via: The Verge, CNET

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