Tap To Widgets: Awesome Tweak Brings Calendar, Reminders And Notes Widgets To Notification Center


Ever since Apple introduced Notification Center in iOS 5, Cydia developers have created tons of custom widgets that allow you to access Settings or apps from anywhere in the iOS via the Notification Center.

But I haven’t been a big fan of adding them as they tend to clutter the Notification Center, which is meant for Notifications.

That is the reason I was glad to see this new jailbreak tweak called Tap to Widgets that adds new functionality to the Notification Center without taking up too much space.

Tap on Widgets is a collection of widgets for Calendar, Reminders and Notes for Notification Center. The tweak developed by Alan Yip has been inspired by the Action Widgets concept created by Joshua Tucker.

The tweak adds shortcuts for Calendar, Reminders and Notes to the Notification Center in a single row. Tapping on the shortcuts doesn’t launch the respective apps, instead it launches a sheet, just like the Twitter sheet, customized for the app so you can easily add a note, create a new event or a new reminder from the Notification Center without leaving the app.


It allows you to integrate the Facebook and Twitter widgets in the same row so you can save space in the Notification center (after you have added it in a single row, you can disable the Share Widget). It also allows you to reorder the position using drag and drop.

You can also arrange them one below the other by dragging the widgets under Not In Side-by-Side Row if you’re not too concerned about saving space in NC and are finding the buttons too small to tap.

I’ve created a quick demo video to show you how it works:

You can also add the widgets to the Home screen or the Lock screen if you’ve Dashboard X and IntelliScreenX or LockInfo.

The jailbreak tweak is so well done that it feels as if it is the native part of the iOS. It’s like the NCSettings version of the widget for Facebook, Twitter, Reminders, Notes and Calendar and that speaks a lot about the quality of the tweak.

If you use these apps often then Tap to Widgets is definitely a must-have jailbreak tweak. It is available on Cydia for an introductory price of $1.99. If you’re on a jailbroken iOS device then click on the download link below to purchase and install it from Cydia.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

➤ Download link

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  • http://www.facebook.com/majklas Majklas Hancas

    any way of getting this on iPad?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      The theme is ayecon, a Winterboard theme.

      • Tommy

        No what is the theme for the notification center? Not the icons

        • Tommy

          Please. Haha

  • http://www.facebook.com/second.love Nhân Phan

    it’s $2. Too much for a small tweak like this.

    • genXhippie

      Unfortunately,I concur. :(

  • Gumbo

    Can you please tell me, where I can get the this “cotton-like” Theme for NC?

    • Paul Harren

      I believe it is the ayecon theme’s NC background

  • Tom

    Why everyone trying to charge so much for each little tweak? Where those daya gone when most of the tweaks was for free!?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      We still some free tweaks, but agree that proportion has reduced.

      But in the case of this tweak, I think it’s worth it (if you use those apps frequently as you can see a lot of effort has gone into making the tweak.

    • Anon

      $1.99 is quite cheap. You can find that on the floor.

    • PasserBy

      Those days are gone Tom. Not saying all tweaks are chargeable but you can expect to pay for a quality tweak.

  • Guest

    A lot of people are complaining about $2. It’s only $2, do they not have jobs? I never thought $2 was sooo much.

    • Damian W

      you are right, but….think about it. There are 500 (maybe more or less) awesome tweaks on cydia with the price ranging from 1 to 10 dollars (some even more). If you intend to buy at least 100 tweaks for your phone, you will probably end up spending more than 300 dollars on tweaks that you might not even like.

      The point is, 2 dollars here, 2 dollars there, and you could have bought a new phone. The sad truth is that very often we decide to uninstall the tweaks we bought because we realize we dont need them or they cause issues . Thats why users are becoming picky and frustrated because they have to pay for almost everything just to test and they use only few things after all.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joaomanueldsousa João De Sousa

        add another sources and download it for free! I dont pay any of my tweaks. Why? because some of them crash, sometimes some tweaks dont have compatibility and… well, anytime apple release iOS7 with new cool features… and you have to wait more 6 months to use those tweaks that you have paid!

        • Damian W

          Thats what I am doing. But I after the “test” period I always decide to shell out some spare change for the original tweak.

        • Me

          If you’re going to pirate software, do it with some conviction. You come up with excuses about why you pirate things. “because sometimes they crash..don’t have compatibility” How about when they do work? Do you remove the cracked version and pay for it? No? Thought so. At least I can admit that I pirate because I don’t want to pay.

          • João De Sousa

            I will never pay for tweaks! But I pay for my apps, all of them… I have more than 500 € in apps and I don’t regret it! But dude, that just me and you have your convictions ;) so what I say before isn’t an excuse, it’s my way of think!

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    installed ! considering among all of those apps, i only use notes and i still have to unlock to get to notification center, i ll soon find out whether it’s anywhere helpful for quicknotes. marc

  • PasserBy

    This is very very polished tweak and is most certainly one that is worth paying for provided you utilise the features.

    I can’t understand how people think a tweak of this quality isn’t worth paying for. Simply look at the cosmetic of it – it’s more IOS that some areas of IOS.

    Of course of you don’t use these functions and simply want to the tweak just because it’s new then I can see the reluctance to pay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/second.love Nhân Phan

    Ok so I bought the tweak. It’s so so, will save you a few seconds going through your phone to open the notes app.

  • Mr. Dumb


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    about to uninstall ! haven’t used not even once and forgot completely about tap to widgets. marc