Watch Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Throw an iPhone on The Floor


When the presenter of the Finish TV show, Hjalliksen kanssa, told Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop that he has an iPhone and wanted a Nokia phone (the yet-to-be-announced Lumia 928), Elop took his iPhone and threw it on the floor.

The TV presenter wanted Elop to give him details of the rumored Lumia 928, which he obviously couldn’t comment on as it hasn’t been announced yet. Elop was incidentally on the show to launch the Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone in Finland. It couldn’t have been more embarrassing, but I think Elop handled the situation quite well.

I guess this should also serve as a lesson for anyone planning to interview Elop in the future — avoid telling him which smartphone they’re using as there is a high probability that it won’t be a Nokia Lumia.

HT to Stefan Constantinescu of Android Beat

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  • mg pato

    hahha hater no one get nokia any more those were good 10 years ago !!!

  • Livingstone Mncl

    Woa ..That was a Good Take on Nokia…

  • Raimonds Marcinkēvičs


  • Damian W

    Honestly, this reporter is retarded. I would punch him and throw him on the floor. It seems like he was teasing on purpose.

  • Slick

    haha funny stuff that guy wants “Lumia 928″ soo bad

  • don juan


  • chiko

    look at this hatin ass white guy…. he mad cause iphones destroying them wack ass nokia window phones!!! fuk windows and nokia