Walmart Expands iPhone Self-Checkout System to Over 200 Stores

Following a successful trial run of its “Scan and Go” iPhone self checkout system in select stores, Walmart is expanding the program to over 200 retails stores, up from the current 70 outlets. The expansion will bring the feature to 12 additional markets.

The self checkout system, as the name suggests, lets customers scan bar codes on products they intend to buy using the Walmart app on iPhones or iPads. Once they’re done with their purchases, they can proceed to paying for the goods at a self-checkout station.

From Reuters’ report:

“We want our customer feedback to dictate the experience,” Gibu Thomas, senior vice president of mobile and digital at Walmart Global eCommerce, said this week. “You’ll see this roll out to more markets.”

For now, “Scan & Go” only works on Apple Inc devices. An Android version should be out soon, Walmart said.

The company notes that more than half of the program’s participants have been repeat users, meaning that they’ve tried the checkout option more than once.

scan and go walmart

The markets that will soon be getting Scan and Go are:

Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska; Dallas and Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Wyoming; Bozeman, Montana; Seattle, Washington; San Jose, California; and Portland, Oregon.

The report notes that though the scanning process is done on mobile devices, the payment still has to be done via traditional means at self-checkout stations. The idea of payments being done right on a mobile device is a natural next step, but Walmart declines to comment on when mobile payments would be added to the system.

If you live in one of the 12 areas, you can try out the Scan and Go system at your nearest Walmart store by downloading the Walmart iOS app.