Apple Posts New “Why iPhone” Webpage on its Site

iphone5-front-backFollowing Samsung’s high-profile launch of the Galaxy S4, Apple has posted a new “Why iPhone” webpage on its site that highlights why the iPhone is better than other smartphones in the market. It has also sent a version of the same page in emails to its customers with the title “How will you love it? Let us count the ways.”

This comes just a few days after Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller spoke to various media outlets, taking a dig at Android and the Galaxy S4.

iphone hero image

In typical Apple fashion, the webpage is divided into multiple sections, each its own hero image. Apple starts off by touting the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction awards it has been receiving since the past few years for the iPhone:

Apparently love can be measured. In eight straight studies by J.D. Power and Associates — that’s every study since the first iPhone was introduced — iPhone has been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones.” iPhone ranked highest in the study, which reviewed the following categories: performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation.

Apple later talks about the intricacies of the iPhone 5’s design, its thin aluminium casing and how the whole device is a feat of engineering. The webpage then highlights the Retina display, the battery life, the A6 chip, the camera, Siri and iOS 6.

There’s no doubt that this Apple’s taking a more aggressive approach to dealing with competition, like it did in its “Mac vs. PC” days. Tell us what you think about Apple’s approach in the comments below.

HT: 9to5Mac

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  • Tom

    They need to do iPhone vs Android commercials because some of those were some of their best work. I felt it mocked the PC more than the PC user unlike Samsung commercials that mock iPhone users.

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I’m with Tom. I’m ready for an Apple vs Android marketing campaign.

  • Andrew

    It’s nice to see apple finally start playing rough with its android competitors. I always see Samsung commercials dumping on apple. I totally agree with Tom. Apple should definitely start showing apple vs android commercials and fight fire with fire. I’ve had three android phones all of which were rooted. I’ve also had two iPhones the 4s and the 5(both jailbroken). And from the perspective of someone that likes to root/jailbreak their phones I can definitely say that apple offers a much smoother experience and superior build quality.

    • Alec

      I’m all for a battle royale, customers on both sides will benefit. I think its just so hilarious how Apples all like ‘android has nothing on us’, but they still bite back at them. If they weren’t a threat, they wouldn’t react haha. Its good there is finally a level playing field for both sides, and hopefully the end result will be innovation.

      Not a fanboy if that wasn’t obvious from my post.

      • Mr. Dumb

        The playing field is still not labeled. Android devices still got to improve a lot in terms of reliability and stability. I am loving my android tablet and its open system but funny how few crashes here and there is considered pretty normal for them.

  • Mitchell Cameron Taylor

    It must be a lot cheaper for apple to dump on the competition than to improve their product. If it weren’t for jail breaking I would have gone to Samsung a long time ago.

    • Thatsgr8

      Go to android and leave Apple alone. Sounds like all you want to do is complain about Apple. No one has a gun to your head making you stay. Android phones are all plastic not the sweet engineering aluminum case the iPhone has. It doesn’t make sense people bit*h about Apple, but still own an iPhone. It is just like the comment you made about the new Galaxy 4 that came out with all the gimmicky crap they added. Oh yeah that’s right the humidity monitor is something I will use

      • Eric

        I’ll see what you gon say when apple comes out with cheaper plastic iphones this year u blind isheep!

        • bassel mabsout

          keyword:cheap, if it was as expensive as the s4 it has no reason to be plastic

    • JaySmoke

      Apple needs to open up their iOS and make jailbreak apps/tweaks part of its iOS that’s one way they can rival their competitors cuz iOS lacks so much stuff and just as you say, jailbreaking turns the device into a master phone!! Something only a few people with brains know how to do!!!! Apart from that, the hardware is one incredible piece of gadget!!! Nothing can compare to it!!!

      • Mr. Dumb

        Wow, you sir for a second made me believe i was brainy ;-). But jailbreaking these days is no brainer, i think.

  • Shazam

    Apple’s build quality is second to none, but…if I couldn’t jailbreak and make my phone do what *I* want it to do then I’d go with a “less quality, more flexibility” choice.

    • genXhippie

      There you go. The same goes for me

  • Astig_808

    no jailbreak = no iphone

    • genXhippie

      The same goes for me.

  • owned apple

    Samsung S4 has 1080hd screen apple dosent
    samsung S4 has SD Card slot apple dosent
    samsung S4 has bigger battery then apple iphone 5
    samsung s 4 has 13 megapixel camera apple 8
    samsung s 4 is 5”inc screen apple iPhone 4” inc
    samsung s 4 has 8 cores apple iPhone has 2 cores
    and lets not forget all the other features it has like eye scroll

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      There is more to display quality than pixel count.

      Expandable card slots are just another part to fail. Just buy a phone with enough memory.

      Bigger battery = Heavier phone. That’s a MUCH bigger negative, to ME, than better battery life.

      Megapixels are only “more is better” to a point. That’s why DSLR cameras aren’t all 75+ MP now. Quality > Quantity, please.

      Bigger screen is the same as battery, for ME. Bigger screen = bigger overall size = heavier. I want NEITHER of those.

      Samsung couldn’t outperform Apple’s 2 core processor with their 4 core setup, MAYBE they can with 8…

      Eye scroll and all the “S-gimmicks” sound like battery draining frustrations more than innovations.

      • Anon

        Oooo it’s 20 grams heavier I might break my wrist. Get over yourself. Give me more battery life and bigger screen anyday.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          Your preference vs mine. I would never tell anybody to “get over themselves” for having an opinion. How ignorant and narrow-minded…

          • Nosferatu

            oh I should pay an extra $200 for an extra 32GB internal memory or maybe use my SD card slot and buy the SD card for $30 lol…no expandable storage is silly and a cash cow for the manufacturer

          • Nostrademus

            Don’t even bother replying, that guy has clearly been brainwashed by apple, by the time he wakes up he’ll only realize it’s too late. Iphone 10 won’t even have half the features the S4 now has.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson


            You want a bigger spoon to stir the pot with???

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Congratulations. Enjoy your corrupted cards and lost files. My photos and files will still be safe on my phone.

    • Mr. Dumb

      and you still miss an iPhone….

  • Mike

    Had an Apple iPhone since they came out but nothing has changed. You turn on an iPhone 3 or 4 next to an iPhone 5, they look the same except for the actual casing. Nothing really new, so boring as hell. Then you have all the restrictions in the software leaving you isolated from other smart phone users. Sorry, but I’m gone. my next upgrade, Samsung here I come.

  • Rounak Jain

    Anyone bothered by what Apple says about the retina display? “Only the iPhone (and other Apple products) come with a Retina display”

    Looks like it totally missed out on the 441 ppi smartphones out there.

    • Drusenija

      But it’s not “Retina” :) Didn’t Apple trademark the term “Retina” to refer to their own screens? So they’re not technically incorrect when they say they’re the only product with a Retina ™ screen, even though their competitors might have a technically superior screen.

      • Mr. Dumb

        Just shows how a lot of things that came into notice due Apple is becoming industry standard. Retina display is no exception.

  • Overlord

    That’s so desperate move by Apple!They try to catch up with the other and yet they are behind!I would by another iPhone only if Apple make their system more open!

  • key

    where’s all the apple fanboys that come on here to protect and promote their product ?? seem pretty quiet to me. i take no sides, only side i take is better phone and a better fit for me. i’ve had each iPhone version (minus iPhone5, not enough of a phone upgrade for me to make a move) and am typing this on a Macbook. i’ve stuck with these products because i like them and have found them to be superior to their competitors (plus i hate windows software, Mac OS is much easier / friendly / faster to me – but that’s another topic). until now….i like the s4 preliminary specs – a lot, and will most likely change over unless Apple makes some changes.

    – allow some jailbroken apps to be available without jail-breaking – i use biteSMS, activator, VLC (buggy now, and no need for JB, but hate having to have mp4 format), and….that’s it.
    – the people want a bigger screen, give them a bigger screen. i think the 4s is fine for me, i don’t need a bigger screen cause i don’t watch much on my phone, just a few tv shows.
    – faster is always better (ha, like that at&t commercial, but that’s about network). every phone upgrade will always be faster than their predecessor, that’s just technology. what is new will soon become obsolete.
    – increase the memory. 64 or even 128 still isn’t enough. i want more (which is why i like the memory card slot on the s4)

  • Neil Melville

    It will take more than dumb adverts to bring me back to the iphone.
    Apple need to be more user friendly and up their game.

    I prefer my s3 to an iPhone. simply because i can drag n’ drop files onto the device without faffing around with that god awful itunes junk requiring the file to be converted first.
    I prefer the option of sd cards to increase the original storage capacity of my phone (slightly cheaper than buying a completely new phone DOH!).

    Also I am not a fan of sealed units. If my battery dies I can replace it with a fully charged one.

    Finally hands up everyone that can use their phone as a pseudo pen drive?
    i don’t always have a pen drive handy buy i always have my phone and a USB lead.

    Android OS may not be as polished as IOS but jellybean is a vast improvement and lets face it IOS 6.x.x isn’t exactly bug free either.

  • Asif

    Bottom line is, if Apple doesn’t add basic tweaks that we need to manage via jailbreaking, it won’t sustain it’s tiara standing in market in future! Lumia backed up by windows os will be great threat for apple as well as Samsung in near future!

  • barondebxl

    Apple is scared.

  • Brian Dinks Marshall

    Just give us consumers a bigger screen 4.8 inches is fine enough, End to End tis time, also make the phone easier to customize alike the other knock off plastic copy cat phones, please listen to consumers, even though the Iphone is better customers want the ability to choose and the bigger screen is the way to go

  • Thomas Mrak

    I honestly don’t think the average consumer who isn’t tech savvy really cares about specs, expandability, and whether or not they can tweak every single setting and mod the product in anyway they see fit.

    Apple’s core audience has never been people who want to touch the guts of what they use. It’s been people who want to just do something without having to read the manual or get an engineering degree.

    The audience isn’t everyone, and isn’t a lot of the more tech savvy people or people who buy based solely on price.

    It’s almost like calling people snobs for buying a BMW or a Mercedes when they aren’t always the most powerful or cheaper car.