YourTube: A Must-Have Jailbreak Tweak For YouTube App Updated For iOS 6


If you’re a YouTube user, then you will be glad to know that popular jailbreak tweak YourTube has been updated for iOS 6.

In case you’re not aware, YourTube by CocoaNuts is a companion tweak for Google’s YouTube app that adds features to it such as the ability to download videos for offline viewing, ability to block ads and control the quality of the video for streaming and downloading to make it even better.

Here’s the complete list of features:

  • Download videos for offline viewing
  • Blazingly fast downloads
  • Switch quality on the fly
  • Hide all advertisements
  • Always enable AirPlay
  • Unlock region-locked videos
  • Import videos into the Videos app
  • Import music into the Music app
  • Gorgeous, native user interface
  • Imported media gets synced back to your iTunes library

The beauty of the tweak is that it is so well integrated with the YouTube app that it feels as the add-on features are native part of the app.

After installing the tweak, you will notice a download button on the top left corner while playing the video. When you tap on button, it will prompt to select the quality of the video. It will then start downloading the video in the background while you continue to watch the video. It also comes with built-in WarpCore download accelerator, which will open multiple connections to download the video faster. The number of max connections can be configured via the Settings app. It opens 6 connections by default.

You can access the downloaded videos via the menu option on the top right corner and tap on Downloads. You have the option to save the video to the Camera roll, import it to the Videos app or import just the Audio to the music library.

You can also switch the quality of the video by clicking on the Share button and tapping on the Switch Quality button.


The tweak also blocks the video and banner ads by default and also the brandings. It also allows you to ignore restrictions.


I was really impressed by how well YourTube tweak worked with the YouTube app.

YourTube for iOS 6 is available for $3.99 for new users and available as a free update for users who purchased YourTube and YourTube HD. If you’re a heavy YouTube user then this is a must buy and worth every penny.

If you’re on jailbroken iOS device then you can download the YourTube tweak from Cydia by clicking on download link below.

As always, let me know what you think of the tweak in the comments below.

Download Link

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  • Alan

    I have been waiting for it. It rocks!

  • Alterian

    I’ve had protube for a long time ill stick with that

  • Damian W

    protube 2 has been doing this for many months and it was much cheaper. The dev of YourTube app likes a $5 price tag for all his tweaks, whereas all the other tweaks with same functionality made by different devs cost in range of $2.

    • iPhoneHacks

      I will check out ProTube as well. However, in terms of cost, at $3.99 (the current special price) seems to be comparable with ProTube ($1.99) and Bridge ($1.99) if you want the same kind of functionality.

  • Klaas

    Yes. Protube is much cheaper and has the same functions. Ill stick with protube.

  • Jayjay

    I’ll stick with protube2 – does the same things for less $

  • sai soe aung

    Cannot download sir

  • Charles Riggs

    Does it remove the restriction how some YouTube videos the owner did not approve to be played on mobile devices?

    • iPhoneHacks

      If you send me a link to a video with such a restriction, I can check and confirm it.

  • android user

    yourtube was out waayy before protube. ima stick with this

  • jp2002

    bridge is buggy…gremlin has been proper from the beginning…need to try this

  • Dessa Brewington

    Does it auto-play playlists? I know some apps that will do this if you take the time to set a playlist, but I want to go to a playlist already made by whoever and just have it play videos one after another.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Protube Extension for YouTube 2.0 has that feature. Check this post for more details:

      • Dessa Brewington

        Aw, thanks, dude!

      • Dessa Brewington

        Nope. Video ends and it ends. I want it to just play through playlists people make on youtube.

        Like, go here then hover over the playlists on the right. It says “play all.” You hit that button, and videos just keep loading til it ends or you tell it to stop.

  • Ali

    Has anyone tried it of late? I cannot download anything..

  • JCr

    Please update for ios 7 and new Youtube compatibility…