Theme Review: Aegis White for iPhone

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Themes make up one of the largest categories in Cydia, and while they may not all be good. Aegis White is definitely a Cydia theme for your jailbroken iPhone that is worth checking out. By purchasing Aegis White for just $2.99 you get an additional theme free, Aegis HD.

Aegis White and Aegis HD is a complete theme chock full of features. The theme is in HD and compatible with iPhone 5. So lets me walk you through the features this theme has to offer.

Aegis Lockscreen(s)

Right off the bat when you respiring you’ll notice the lock screen. Aegis comes with two Lockscreen options. Either Aegis White Analog Lockscreen which gives you a minimal analog clock which is well done. Install Lockscreen Clock Hide  tweak so don’t have an overlap of clocks!

You will also get a Aegis W. LS + UserPic for your i4 or i5, which gives you a framed version of whatever image you set as your lock screen with a nice clock widget that has a slight transparency so if you have a textured background you will see the texture through the widget which is a pretty nice effect.

Aegis Lockscreen 1

Once you open your lock screen you’ll notice the icon skinner. A subtle brushed metal frame that skins every icon. Many of the stock icons have a radial stripe effect with a heavy transparency giving you this cool effect on icons such as message, calendar, videos, notes,  phone, app store and safari to name a few. I think it’s a nice touch that ties the theme together by having that same effect applied to many of the stock icons.

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You can’t help but also notice the red velvety notifications badges, that adds a nice contrast from the other accents such as your battery or Wi-fi signal that are blue.

When launching the Settings app you’ll notice there is a loader, which doesn’t really seem to fit the theme, but when its open you’ll notice some slight changes to the UI. For example where it says Settings you get a nice black texture that I really like. In addition the On/Off toggles have that same texture with blue accents which is very sharp. All of the arrows are small double arrows to the next page.

You will also notice a very nice touch that when you click on anything it lights up with a beautiful green gradient overlay that is really nice.

Aegis Settings

Aegis White doesn’t skimp on the skins. The text messaging app has that awesome consistent texture that I like, in addition beautiful blue holders for your texts and a nice complimentary white holder for any incoming texts. There is also a grabber has changed to that nice green color so it does tie the green color together and it is a really refreshing color to see. If you type you’ll notice that even without color keyboard, there is still a themed indicator when you tap on a specific letter which is an awesome touch.

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The calendar is consistent with the theme, having blue accents on selected dates. While notes give you a white background against the black texture. The dialer app looks nice and clean with minimal numbers and buttons and if you look closely you’ll notice the background is actually vertical lines at a 45 degree angle bringing you a nice complimentary effect. Safari’s display has the same texture throughout with a nice blue accent for search and its overview.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 3.45.51 PM

Apps such as the Clock, Calculator, Compass and other Utilities apps don’t get much of a change, just replacing some of the background as shown with the textured background of the theme, pulling the apps together quite nicely. When you open up a folder, you can really see the noise effect that gives this theme its texture, and like most good themes it ties everything together quite nicely.

Now lets check out the iPod app. This is probably the only part of the theme that I don’t like. You got this funky rounded edges down here with a rounded indicator to let you know where you are and it just kind of doesn’t make sense. Also the text extends beyond the menu but its really not a big deal. When on the music screen it is much better, you get a brushed metal slider with nice blue accents which is nice. If you don’t like the iPod player you can always deselect in WinterBoard, or change it to Aegis HD since you get that for free.

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Aegis White comes with the ability to have your analog clock as your Home screen background, which is a cool option. But it works best if you have Gridlock, so that you can arrange icons around the analog clock.

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Aegis has a SBSettings theme that I absolutely love, these nicer brushed icons are a beautiful touch to SBSettings.

Aegis SBSettings

And lastly it also skins the Notification Center with a bright blue background.

Aegis Notification Center

Overall, I really like the theme, and think it is absolutely worth buying. Not only do get Aegis White, but you get Aegis HD which instead of the skinned icons being lighter in color, you get a nice peuter effect and can mix and match the different settings.

Check out the video review below:

Let me know what you think of Aegis White for iPhone in the comments.

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