Apple Keeps Your Siri Data For Two Years


You probably know how much data Siri uses, but do you know how long Apple keeps your Siri data on its servers?

Wired reports that Apple spokeswoman Tracy Muller told them that Apple stores your Siri data for up to two years.

Muller’s comments were in response to a Wired story, which raised concerns about Siri’s privacy policy.

Wired explains how the process works:

Whenever you speak into Apple’s voice activated personal digital assistant, it ships it off to Apple’s data farm for analysis. Apple generates a random numbers to represent the user and it associates the voice files with that number. This number — not your Apple user ID or email address — represents you as far as Siri’s back-end voice analysis system is concerned.

Once the voice recording is six months old, Apple “disassociates” your user number from the clip, deleting the number from the voice file. But it keeps these disassociated files for up to 18 more months for testing and product improvement purposes.

“Apple may keep anonymized Siri data for up to two years,” Muller says “If a user turns Siri off, both identifiers are deleted immediately along with any associated data.”

Muller has clarified that the data is anonymized and the company only collects the Siri voice clips in order to improve Siri itself. She says “Our customers’ privacy is very important to us.”

However, Nicole Ozer, the American Civil Liberties Union lawyer is still not satisfied. She wants Apple to add a link to its privacy policy on its Siri FAQ page, so that consumers are aware of it before buying Apple products. She goes on to add “Transcripts of what you say to Siri could reveal sensitive things about you, your family, or business. Siri works for Apple, so make a note to yourself to really think before you speak.”

It’s nice to know how long Apple keeps our Siri data on its servers, but I doubt anyone will be paranoid about it, especially when the data is anonymized.

Via: Wired

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  • DrDave

    Regardless of any “disassociation”, the content of the clip may contain identifying information, and likely contains other sensitive information.

  • Apel P



    Siri ain’t that useful except for reminders and alarms. Anything else and most of the time she won’t understand me. Apple can keep the recordings of me yelling what a useless b**ch she is.

  • Kraken

    The logging of Siri data is only unique in that it is your voice being recorded. Your web searches are already being tracked, as well as what sites you visit and what you post on them. Privacy basically doesn’t exist anymore.

    But instead of giving us strong privacy protections, Congress is going to pass CISPA H.R. 624 (already passed the house) giving them full access to information like this Siri data without any need for suspicion or probable cause and giving the companies collecting your private data full immunity even if they collect or store it improperly.

    Expect things like out-of-context Siri searches to be used for blackmail in the coming years on a massive scale.