Apple Continues To Grab Smartphone Market Share In U.S.

comScore’s latest numbers for the three month period ending February 2013 show strong growth for Apple in the U.S. smartphone market, as it continues its lead as the top OEM in the region with 38.9 percent market share, up from 35 percent in November.

Samsung follows Apple in the second spot with its marketshare of 21.3 percent in the U.S., followed by HTC, Motorola and then LG, all with single digit figures. Apart from Samsung and Apple, all OEMs lost market share, indicative of who’s making all the money in this space.

comscore smartphone oem share

On the OS front, Android continues to lead by a wide margin at 51.7 percent, followed by iOS at 38.9 percent. Notably, Android lost a significant 2 percent market share from November 2012, while iOS grew 4 percent. That’s not to say Android lost users, just that it’s growth in terms of absolute users wasn’t as high as iOS.

comscore smartphone os share

comScore’s data is based on the primary device used by its surveyors, which is a more accurate indication of actual marketshare than sales data.

Via: comScore

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