Apple And Yahoo In Talks Over Deeper iPhone Partnership


iPhone’s Stock and the Weather app/widgets are powered by Yahoo and Apple also uses data from Yahoo for the sports stats for Siri.

Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Yahoo is in talks with Apple to get more of its content on Apple’s iOS devices.

From WSJ:

Apps powered by data from Yahoo Finance and Yahoo’s weather site already come preloaded on iPhones. Some Yahoo data, such as sports stats, help power Apple’s voice-activated “assistant” Siri.

But the companies are discussing new arrangements, including possible deals to get more content from Yahoo News and its other Web properties loaded onto Apple devices or available through an expanded Siri partnership, one of these people said. 

The report also notes that Yahoo has been trying to figure out a way to drive search on iOS devices, thus reducing Apple’s reliance on Google, which is currently the default search engine. However, it seems like a long shot as Yahoo Search relies on Bing search engine thanks to its 10-year search partnership with Microsoft that was struck in 2009.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer is pushing for the deal as it would significantly help the company increase its presence on mobile devices, but the report does point out that no deal is imminent

What do you think? Which Yahoo services do you think should be integrated with iOS devices? I really couldn’t think of any other service besides Yahoo Weather and Finance.

Via: WSJ

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