Apple’s Q2 2013 Results: By The Numbers


Yesterday,  Apple posted quarterly revenue of $43.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $9.5 billion, or $10.09 per diluted share in Q2 2013 (first calendar quarter of 2013), compared to revenue of $39.2 billion and net profit of $11.6 billion, or $12.30 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter.

As usual Apple revealed a lot of stats and numbers during the earnings call. We take a close look at those numbers.


  • Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones, compared to 35.1 million iPhones in the year-ago quarter, up 6.5 percent over the year-ago quarter.
  • iPhone generated $22.96 billion in revenues for Apple (accounts for 52.65% of Apple’s revenues), an increase of 3 percent compared to same quarter last year
  • Revenue growth of over 20% year over year in greater China


  • Apple sold 19.48 million iPads, up 65 percent over the year-ago quarter.
  • 4 to 6 weeks of channel inventory
  • Apple sold 5.63 million iPods, compared to 7.67 million iPods over the year-ago quarter, down 27% over the year-ago quarter
  • 300 million iCloud customers
  • App Store is now available in over 155 countries. It has over 850,000 apps and 350,000 iPad apps
  • 45 billion apps downloaded so far
  • 800 apps downloaded per second in the quarter
  • iTunes Music store is available in 119 countries, movies in 109 and iBookstore in 155 countries.
  • Apple has paid out over $9 billion to developers so far


  • 3.95 million Macs were sold during the quarter, down 2% over the year-ago-quarter
  • 4-5 weeks of Mac Channel Inventory

Apple Stores:

  • 402 Apple stores, including 151 outside the US.
  • Open 30 new stores in fiscal 2013, plus 20 stores remodeled.
  • Store traffic was up by approximately 7%, 91 million visitors compared to 85 million visitors year-over-year
  • 78,000 visitors per store per week
  • Average revenue of $13.1 million per store compared to $12.2 million over the year-ago-quarter


  • Apple posted revenue of $43.6 billion, compared to revenue of $39.20 billion over the year-ago quarter
  • Apple posted profits of $9.5 billion, compared to profit of $11.6 over the year-ago quarter
  • $10.09 per diluted share, compared to $12.30 per diluted share over the year-ago quarter
  • Apple has $144.7 billion in cash at end of March quarter, up $7.6 billion from the last quarter.
  • $102 billion in cash is offshore
  • Dividend payout of $3.05/share from $2.65, up 15%.
  • Returned $10 billion under share repurchase and dividend payments.
  • $60 billion in share buyback, which would make it the largest by any company.

You can listen to the recording of Apple’s earning conference call here.

Via: MacRumors