Atom: Awesome Lock Screen Launcher Coming Soon [Video]


Atom is a jailbreak tweak that aims at bringing expanded functionality to Lock Screen.

Developed by Tyler Nettleton and Surenix (developer of ayecon, the gold standard when it comes to iPhone themes), Atom allows users to not only slide to unlock the iPhone, but slide to Launch up to 6 different apps from the Lock screen.

There are some tweaks such as GrabberApp that allows you to change the stock camera icon into any app you want for a swipe up to launch but it only gives you one extra feature, whereas Atom gives you 6. I personally like having more than one option when I use my iPhone’s Lock screen and I think this jailbreak tweak is exciting innovation for the Lock Screen.

The overall design of Atom is refreshing and simple. It is very easy to understand exactly what this tweak does. It has a nice scaling animation with a slight overshoot that makes the apps pop up on your screen in a fun and enjoyable way, which is a nice touch to iPhone’s static Lock screen.

The app icons are nicely spaced from each other with enough room to easily get to the app you are trying to launch. My experience using this jailbreak tweak on my iPhone over the last 24 hours has left me extremely impressed at how responsive and fluid the tweak works.

The only issue that I found was if you use a passcode as mentioned in the video, it currently doesn’t work if you select an application. It will work if you choose the Lock screen option, but as of now, sliding to any app simply brings you back to your iPhone’s Lock screen. I do expect it to be fixed before the tweak goes live sometime next week.


Atom is fully configurable via the Settings app. It gives you six easy to use preferences that are straight-forward to understand. Top Left, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right. Each of these choices correspond directly to the position of the app icons that appear on your Lock Screen. Your changes update instantly and there is no respring required.


To get a feel for how Atom works, check out our review of this awesome jailbreak tweak, which is currently in beta.

Overall Atom is a big improvement to the stock Lock Screen that I believe any power user would love for their iOS device. There is no price as of yet but since Surenix is on the bill, I doubt it will break the bank. It will be available sometime next week on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. We’ll let you let you know as soon as it hits Cydia.

Let me know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments below.

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  • Muntazir Khatau

    have you tried grabby?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Scott did mention it briefly and why this is better.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Sorry, I mistook it for GrabberApp that Scott mentioned.

      We have covered Grabby:

      Both offer similar functionality, but I like the way this revamps the Lock screen.

  • Alan

    Wow, this looks good. The only downside that I can think of is if you’re like me who uses lock screen tweaks like LockInfo.

    Btw, love the video reviews of the tweaks and themes.

    • Letskeepitsimple

      That is a good point, I did not think of LockInfo. I gotta keep a notebook of all these tweaks!!!!

  • John Diamond

    dat android

  • Guest

    Hi. Could you tell me the theme you’ve used for the LS password please?

  • Maxwell Appleton

    No love for JellyLock?

    • Andrew

      Just downloaded jelly lock on my ip5. It’s pretty dope. Very smooth for a beta. Although this tweak seem to offer more function.

  • Dimitris Karagiannis

    Almost the same concept as JellyLock but for me JellyLock looks better. Both copy android but who cares. We can get the beautiful android design in iOS

  • Rick Davis

    On my iphone 4 it’s not working. I even tried to reboot after installing but i still have the old lockscreen. Does anybody have an ideea why it’s not working? Thanks

  • byler

    mine doesnt work!!!! it wont even let me unlock my phone, when ever i select the unlock icon,all it does is resprings my iphone, i think it might be because of the Androidlock tweak on cydia. i need help! please tell me what to do.

  • Dave

    I like the swirly lock screen wallpaper. Where can I find it?